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Creator: deadwoods Upload Date: 2011-02-27
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I have been using the Network Addon Mod (NAM) Pedestrian Mall Tiles (PMT) in my cities to encourage my sims to walk to work. I've created a set of mall tiles that use the BSC Park texture which is great for downtown areas or shopping plazas. But what the set was missing was something for the suburbs, like a pedestrian/bike path. So I created a mod to the NAM PMT to look like a bike path. These are fully functioning lots/network tiles that allow sims to walk through them.

The set consists of two types of content:
1. Mods to the existing NAM PMT sets. The NAM provides a number of PMT "lots". This download replaces four of them:
* The straight mountain trail,
* The mountain trail corner,
* The mountain trail T-junction, and
* The mountain trail intersection
2. Two lots to encourage the sims onto the PMT's:
* A 1x1 pedestrian-enabled lot that will allow walking sims to enter the PMT set, and
* A 1x1 busstop lot that will allow sims to walk through the lot and get on/off a bus

Both the lots and the PMT's are visually consistent and join up. You should use one of the lots between the PMT's and an adjoining street/road/ave. You could use any transit enabled lot, such as the Maxis bus or subway stops, but they won't look as good.

1. The NAM!
2. The following prop/texture packs
* BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01
* BSC MEGA Props - DAE Vol01
* BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01
* DEDWD_RTBusStops.dat

More details can be found in the readme, including a mini tutorial on laying out the lots.

NOTE: This set of NAM pieces overlays the existing four Mountain Trail pieces at the end of the tab ring.


dahemac I recently returned to playing sc4, and found that the replacement textures are no longer working. I used these extensively in years past but the mountain trail is no longer being replaced. My plugins folder is essentially the same as in 2011. Any thoughts on why this might be? ~/SimCity 4/Plugins/Network Addon Mod/zz_DAE_PMTBikePath_commonfiles.dat ~/SimCity 4/Plugins/Network Addon Mod/zz_DAE_PMTBikePath_namtextures.dat 2018-09-10
alex1719 Bom! 2016-10-23
newbieisme Thanks! 2012-04-15
pieman101 make it for mac plz 2012-04-11
wwebber This is great, very needed for a Dutch-style city planning... 2012-03-18
janbryan how do edit NAM pieces like these pedestrian mall tiles?? what programs did you use??? 2011-06-18
SimNation Love the set I never use the Mountain Ped tiles so this works out fantastic for me.I read in the lot description you mentioned you med a set for Urban using the BSC Park stuffs. Any chance you might upload those as well in the future? 2011-04-05
JackITA I have a problem with the ground texture of the starting lots (those ones functioning as bus stop and not) like hottrax, when I plop the lots it\'s all fine but after a little bit they start flashing and I don\'t know how to fix this 2011-03-22
ahmingah hey guys im still having a problem finding the pieces...i can find the starter and the bus stop but the ones that are supposed to be in the road menu are not there? whats going onnnn i need to use thesse lol 2011-03-20
hottrax Love the bike paths. Exactly what my fused grid layouts needed in order to look as well as function properly. Initially after plopping, I had a strange problem with one of the textures for the ground on the ped-enabled lot connectors, flickering black as one of its animated phases. But, this doesn\'t seem to be happening anymore. Not sure why. 2011-03-16
deadwoods Updated to v1.2 to fix incorrectly aligned curve and T-junction pieces. 2011-03-13
deadwoods ahmingah, the ped-enabled lot is in the parks menu, the busstop is in the misc transport menu and the network puzzle pieces are in the road menu. Have a look at the readme, there is detailed instructions and pictures on how to use the lots/pieces. 2011-03-07
deadwoods These will work with the other NAM PMT pieces, like the road-top crosswalks (they just won\'t look contiguous). There is an issue with the curved texture being 90degrees out. I will fix ASAP. 2011-03-07
ahmingah where are these located in the game? 2011-03-07
westamastaflash I had a weird problem here - the \"curve\" lots textures don\'t seem to match up with the paths. I was able to use these with the road-top crosswalks from the STEX (you can just connect the bike paths right up to the crosswalks). 2011-03-06
randomuser2349 This is great, but I would prefer a road-top crossing. 2011-03-05
huntingfire Great idea ! Will you release the other pack as well ? 2011-03-04
Heides666 titaneur: I never clicked \"submit\" twice. Only \"back\" and got \'re-enter form data\' popup. I clicked OK instead of Cancel, not thinking it would auto post it again. It\'s a minor browser/ website issue. And there\'s no delete comment button. So chill :) Deadwoods: Thanks for considering the SAM vs NAM ped tile. Probably no better choice, but you know it\'s hard for ppl w/ developed maps. Good things tend to make it into the NAM eventually, though. Doesn\'t hurt to contact someone from NAM team with our request. :) 2011-03-03
Knighthawk75 interesting 2011-03-02
SimNation Great return once again from you 2011-03-02
titaneur why evry1 tells things 2 times? 2011-03-01
lylemartin Thank you! 2011-02-28
tslate I\'ll make use out of these for sure. 2011-02-27
kact78 Thank you! 2011-02-27
deadwoods To all the folks using the mountian trails; sorry. I had to pick four \"slots\" I could reuse and given the dirt roads in the SAM, I figured these were the best. I\'m not part of the NAM team so don\'t have any influence on these being added to the NAM PMT. 2011-02-27
rumley I love the idea, except that they replace the mountain trails. I use them in my towns and cities. Until/unless this is integrated or made so they won\'t replace the mountain trails, I will refrain from using them. Great work though :D 2011-02-27
evarburg Very green:-) Will it work with the recent Pamu Bikes ? 2011-02-27
evarburg Very green:-) Will it work with the recent Pamu Bikes ? 2011-02-27
Heides666 Thank you. Please get this integrated into the NAM for those of us who use the mountain trails! :) 2011-02-27
Heides666 Thank you. Please get this integrated into the NAM for those of us who use the mountain trails! :) 2011-02-27
samerton Amazing..! Thanks a lot! 2011-02-27