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Winegrowing has been a tradition over centuries in many cultures, and thus, vineyards are a common sight in many regions. With this set of growable vineyards and four ploppable lots, everyone can create their individual vineyard. Other than the props that have been available so far, the new ones in this set were designed for maximum slope tolerance, allowing a nice-looking result in almost every occasion. The vineyard hut also has a custom foundation which makes it pretty slope-conforming.

All lots make use of a number of vine props that will appear randomly via a prop family, so every tile looks a little different. The same is true for the small huts, there are three slightly different models included in the prop pack. Every now and then, field workers appear, picking the grapes. The ploppable lots are almost neutral in the game; they don't have a monthly cost, don't need power or water, don't produce any garbage and don't pollute the groundwater. As a positive side effect, they have a small air cleaning effect - eco farming, in other words.

The growable variant has been designed along the settings of the Maxis farms. For creating extended wine regions, you might want to use a Maxis farm blocker temporarily; as long as you don't have other custom farms installed, only vineyards will grow. Since field lots are not overgrown later, you can safely remove the blocker again later in order to get other farms. The ploppable filler lots are intended as an addition and extension to the growable vineyards; in case you think that too many vineyard huts have grown, simply use the ploppable vineyard filler and plop it over the hut.

The three vineyard fillers feature orange preview placement helpers that will show the sides of the lots that have vines (in case of the diagonal lots; once plopped, they will disappear after a short while), or the side that should point toward the base of the slope (for the orthogonal lot). All placement arrows should point downwards, too. You can place Mayor Mode ploppables on the remaining triangles of the diagonal lots in order to blend them better with the terrain.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- BSC Textures Cycledogg
- BSC Textures Vol. 1
- SFBT Essentials

Update 2010/12/23: Fixed a wrong path setting in the installer, the SFBT_Weinberg_Props.dat accidentially ended up among the readme images.


mgarcia Sorry, I meant did not have to redownload. 2012-01-11
mgarcia Awesome - thanks for the fix - I was seeing boxes. I read the comments and did have to redownload. SFBT is awesome!!. 2012-01-11
jeffabes Is this SPAMpatible? 2011-07-20
konakoffee00 Had loads of fun laying out beautiful vineyards to cover the boring hill terrain. Love this set....so simple, yet extremely versatile! 2011-06-05
dahemac SFBT_Weinberg_Props.dat does not seem to get installed with the EXE. Only the lots are installed as far as I can see. Maybe I am confused about the location. 2010-12-23
Aaron Graham Great Job!!! 5/5 2010-12-23
TownMaster2005 This is brilliant. Something that has been missing for quite a while. zum Wohl 2010-12-22
Duane1947 Ohh, will I ever use these.....so perfect. thanks for sharing. them 2010-12-21
dazniniel Gracias... es un delicioso trabajo.....!!!!!! 2010-12-21
Reikhardt Wow, perfect! Just what I wanted for my city, Thank you! 2010-12-20
sejr99999 thank you excellent idea with the ploppable diagonal and orthogonal lots to create a more complete look 2010-12-20