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Creator: RippleJet Upload Date: 2010-09-05
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
Views: 6375 Category: Mods - General
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The black and yellow road barrier props appear at the end of all ordinary networks,
streets, roads, one-way roads, avenues and highways.

This little mod simply disables two small props, and removes all barriers on the fly.

Whenever you don't want the barriers in the game,
place this mod in your plugins folder.

Whenever you want the barriers back again,
just remove RJ - Block Road Barriers 1.0.dat from your plugins.

There is no installer included,
as you will have to decide yourself if you want the barriers or not.
For the sake of your own convenience,
I would recommend to place it in a folder called RJ Mods.

There is also no readme included.
A brief discussion can be found following the request here though.


kyleworj very nice 2012-08-29
craigibhoy Amazing thanks 2011-12-06
MrPlomi Aleluia! 2011-08-25
Mocha2007 It's 0KB... yet it's taking time to download. 0.0 2011-07-12
sim_vern Essential for those not wanting to use cul-de-sacs and not have those ugly barriers in their neighborhoods. Thanks! 2011-05-02
psychodude So small, yet such a great addition! 2011-04-02
Rebs07 Awesome mod, I can\'t wait to try it out. Thank you very much. 2010-12-01
flipcity THANK YOU!! Hat those little things 2010-11-21
ZELLDITCH i dont know but i think the barriers are ok for the citys i always saw barriers went is a road in constrution i dont get the mod very well ,but ty to all people that upload mods and stuffs TY A LOT 2010-09-24
ZuzuFain I love it! I hate those annoying road barriers. 2010-09-24
ndnpride07 i. freaking. LOVE. THIS!!!!!! THANK YOU!! 2010-09-20
bkballa4790 Nice! 2010-09-17
joshriddle577 This is wonderful! 5/5 2010-09-11
samerton This is a great mod! Thanks! 2010-09-11
Aldini10 Finally! Thank you. 2010-09-10
littlewhitebutterfly Those annoying barriers off, at last! Thank you! 2010-09-09
Sweetmanz Sorry.... But I never seemed to get road blocks anyways. In fact I thought this was a mod to PUT them IN! My mistake! 2010-09-07
titanesk awesome!!! 2010-09-07
Tenzwood O.M.G! YAYNESS! 2010-09-07
arodsat awesome. thanks. 2010-09-06
adrianor Finally! Those barrier props always annoyed me...but not anymore, thanks! 2010-09-06
Bweigle This is exactly what I\'ve been looking for. Thanks 2010-09-06
spa Great idea! I always found these annoying. Very few streets in my neck of the woods that deadend have barriers so I never found them particularly realistic. 2010-09-06
gecko001 This micro-sized mod has added TONS of aesthetic goodness to my cities. Thanks, RippleJet, for uploading it! 2010-09-05
yiyue 2 2010-09-05
marsh Awsome! And only 0 kb! XD 2010-09-05