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Creator: jestarr Upload Date: 2010-04-05
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Redbaron097 This worked like 3 years ago...have all dependencies yet the VW model portion is completely missing (yes i already have the full factory plop and its dep...s) any help? 2020-02-11
joshua43214 As a warning to downloaders, this thing produces the same power as about 16 Maxis coal power plants, and produces about the same water and air pollution as 16 Maxis coal power plants. That is 3153 air, and 2365 water. I had to surround it with 7 SimGoober air purifiers and a black hole water works to get rid of the pollution. Using it to get that grungy polluted look won\'t help a lot because the radius is too narrow.<br /> You can just load it up in the Reader and lower it to something sensible. Maxis was always really stupid about coal power (it is much cleaner than some folks want you to believe). I made mine have the same power/pollution ratio as the Hardun Coal plant that I use mostly in my industrial areas.<br /> 2014-08-11
vester http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/12629-power-transformer/ 2014-03-12
vester http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/12629-power-transformer/ 2014-03-12
eclipticalstorm @REFJR_KRDU: Go to simtropolis and search for \"Power Transformer.\" Find and install the one created by subgrav. 2013-06-22
REFJR_KRDU subgrav Power Transformer link to simtropolis = No results found for \'subgrav power transformer\'. 2013-04-16
SimGuy24 If Maxis or EA got a hold on some of you BAT-ters, you would make gaming a much more pleasurable experience. Thank you for a realistic power plant, Jes! 2012-06-06
djedu you\'ll be suffer a major heart attack if you found a 1x1 lot with 1,000 dependencies... 2011-03-22
mastarick you guys should have most of these in your folder anyways ;) 2011-03-21
djedu i suffered a heart attack while i look at the dependencies list 2011-03-04
djedu you must make yur dependencies into a one MEGA prop pack 2011-03-04
djedu yay for dependencies!!!! bcoz... TOO MUCH 2011-03-04
joshriddle577 Looks spectacular, but a bit too many dependencies. But still, I\'ll get them ,for the sake of having this nice building! 2010-06-21
Saouke I have every single dependency listed and I\'m still missing parts of the building :/ Otherwise it\'s fantastic 2010-06-16
TehSmokeyMan Great plant, but what a list of dependencies... :P 2010-05-26
Philadelphia Holy canole, that is good! 2010-05-13
kimcar Great work jestarr . Great quality thanks 2010-04-07
deora I love that powerplant andere your Industrial buildings 2010-04-07
jack_wilds Bravo! Jestarr -another great bat project 2010-04-06
cubby420 Awesome. TY 2010-04-05
Godzillasam Yay! 2010-04-05