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The real counterpart of the water tower that is pictured on the left side is located next to the railway station in Köthen (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany). Today it's no longer in use. Due to the rise of the railway transit hub in Köthen about 100 years ago, it was decided to built a water tower, which took about one year to complete (from 1911 to 1912). The water tank has a capacity of 250 m³ (66,000 gallons), and the tower is about 30 m (100 feet) tall.

The tower on the right side is based on the water tower of Markranstädt, near Leipzig in Germany. It's a bit smaller than the real counterpart, but looks like a typical water tower in Germany, like they can be found everywhere in the country. And although they are relatively old, many of them are still used, even though some of them only serve as mobile communication tower these days.

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- SFBT Essentials


fogia4 nice, thank you 2011-02-10
sejr99999 thank you excellent towers for whatever purpose needed 2011-02-06
joshriddle577 That is yet another more realistic water tower! Thank you! 2010-06-23
mattb325 Thankyou for these - they look excellent in game 2010-06-05
octopus7 This is very cool, reminds me of an episode of Inspector Rex where the bad guy hid in one of these water towers. 2010-05-22
cogeo Excellent modelling and excellent texruring too!! I have an idea: Lighthouse and Lion of Bavaria (Lindau). 2010-01-25
jpfgarcia wow, looks nice, tks 2010-01-25
kimcar Look so great thanks 2009-12-26
SimNation lovely 2009-12-25