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Wind power plants have become a common sight in Germany and other places as well. Although they are not always received well by the locals, they have become one of the icons of renewable energy sources, although the priniciple of using the wind is several thousands of years old already. Modern wind power plants produce up to 5 or 6 MW each and are up to 200 meters tall these days.

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simonvangenderen I\'ve seen them on the Dutch/Belgian border. I live like 8 km away from it. 2013-04-12
djedu nice job... it has a bigger size than the default windmill but takes less space to build (the default ones use 2 tiles and this one only using 1 tile). 2012-08-24
sc980 it looks like the wind plants in simcity creator for nitendo ds 2011-08-18
ravenhold i like the red lines...... these will look good 2011-08-17
mike1995y It is NOT animated((( 2011-03-20
djedu can you make Boeing\'s windmill? the diameter of the blades can reach 100 meters... 2011-03-04
djedu I LIKE YOUR ADD-ONS SFBT!!! 2011-03-04
Kennebec4 AWSOME 2010-11-30
simmytu Best good! 2010-11-29
TurtleShroom Meh. If it doesn\'t spin, it doesn\'t get in. 2010-07-06
joshriddle577 Better looking windmill! Thanks! 2010-06-16
Tenzwood meh, I use these only high peeks where it looks nice because hey dont move. Animation would make these about 100X better 2010-05-09
Exodia the forbidden one Exellent 2010-04-08
magicman580 I Got it! But.... It Better Not Show A Box! 2010-03-27
City Builder Nice but would only be usable in my city if they were animated. Using a field of these with them all stopped as if the day is totally windless *all* the time is what is really unrealistic. Great model however and for those that don\'t mind that it\'s static I\'m sure this is a super duper winner. 2010-03-20
Total Casual Very nice-looked for a modern realistic-scale wind plant for a long time, never saw one until now. 2010-02-10
rlagy862 Good! 2010-02-07
voltaic No animation - the Rotor is just too big to rotate.. And a smaller one isn\'t realistic.. *g* 2010-01-11
Tenzwood Are they animated? cuz I have them and they dont spin.. 2010-01-08
SimVlasky I love this! Great job, truly! Love it 2010-01-06
angel_zh Very nice, but it\'d be even better if they would turn like the Maxis\' wind power plants. 2010-01-02
dwelln8hss32 These are very nice.... now if we can figure out how to animate them! I work in wind energy and most turbines in America are 80 to 100 meters at hub-height, and max at anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 MW. GJ! 2009-12-30
kimcar Very well done thanks 2009-12-26
Twenty20 Great job, thanks 2009-12-26
meinhosen Nice! Looks just like the wind farm that\'s down the road. 2009-12-24
Delecto Nice job, thanks for sharing! 2009-12-24
nexis job anyways ,LOL 2009-12-24
nexis Do they spin? Great 2009-12-24
PetekxD WOW! Thanks! This is nice =) 2009-12-24
skopje WoW very nice!! 2009-12-24