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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2009-12-14
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Ploppable Mayor Mode trees have become popular recently, and developers quickly realized that the same method can be applied to any prop, so we also have seen ploppable bushes and shrubs, boats, coral reefs and even rocks. Small things like these are often used by city journalists in order to recreate the real world as detailed as possible.

T Wrecks created a wonderful city journal in the German SimForum, showing open lands with smooth hills and lots of agricultural zones. Even the smallest village gets lots of attention, and so every detail has to be perfect. One thing, however, was missing: realistic livestock paddocks! If you have ever been to any rural area in the world, the first thing you notice in a cow paddock are lots and lots of cow pats. Finally, this important detail has been recreated for SimCity as well. Simply open your Mayor Mode menu, select the SFBT cow pat and plop as many as you want. Other than their real-life counterparts, those doesn't smell, and they won't affect the ground water at all!

Over the time, additional Mayor Mode ploppables have accumulated in the SFBT labs, all suitable for a more realistic rural landscape. Mathe Man created some nice stacks of logs and firewood, a hide where hunters can watch for deer, a hay rack, and some beehives for the apiarists among us. Khiyana created some heaps of gravel in a test rendering, and they turned out so nice that we decided to include them into this pack as well.

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badpat Great Job! The Kieshaufen looks almost like a coal stash, which I was looking for. It\'s the best I found 2012-09-06
CityDog17 This looks good. I was almost to the point of being bored with the game after 5+ years of playing. Thanks Andreas & SFBT for helping renew the fun! 2012-03-01
drx1994 Great idea. 2011-01-18
denniTampan \"Other than their real-life counterparts, those doesn\'t smell\", LOL... nice 2010-12-01
dwelln8hss32 Best idea to push these since apple pie. KUTGW! 2009-12-28
mrbisonm Once in awhile something just fantasticly created and thought of comes up and I just have to have it. This is one of these. Just Great!! Luv that stuff. Thanks. 2009-12-15
jacqulina excellent thnku 2009-12-15
SimNation Very nice..these will go well with the ones Pegasus done awhile ago. I hope you guys continue to make more of these..hope for some ploppable coal and ore in the future :) 2009-12-15
Tommy83 Danke! :) 2009-12-15
powerpill-pacman Very useful. Thanks you so much. 2009-12-15
Utvaw These are great, we REALLY need somebody to do a set of park props like this. Thanks for the upload! 2009-12-14
kimcar Nice idea thanks 2009-12-14
kato Great :D 2009-12-14
Evillions8 SRBT frenzy? I\'m starting to edge over to my European plugins. 2009-12-14