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While SimCity 4 does offer a Solar Power Plant, it is actually of thermal type (uses reflectors to concentrates solar power, in order to heat water and generate steam). Instead it lacks a Photovoltaic (or else solar panels) power plant.

This pack offers a set of Photovoltaic Power Plants, using custom animated and high-definition props. The pack contains 6 power plants, in three different configurations: Stand-alone solar panels (for modular lots), Small Power Stations, and Large Power Stations (Solar Parks). And of course, you can use the Lot Editor to make your own lots, using these props. The pack also contains a Menu Management Lot (MML) to reduce its footprint on the Power Menu (uninstall it if you want these lots readily available).

For realism, these lots feature different characteristics and economics. Their lifespan is short, their plop cost is steep, but the production cost is low. This means that the initial (capital) cost is a considerable part of the total expenditure. Also their output is quite low, which means that you will need considerable amounts of space in your cities to install them. But they can prove useful for small communities and rural or off-grid areas. And of course, they generate virtually no pollution.

Note: There are two versions of the panel props included in the pack, a dark blue and a lighter one. You can choose the one you prefer Remember to REMOVE one of these sets. Only one may be installed.

Lots' Stats Small Plants
(Fixed / Swivelling)
Large Plants
(Fixed / Swivelling)
Lot size 1x1, 1x2 5x2
Plop Cost $1000 / $1500 $10000 / $15000
Bulldoze Cost $45 $65
Monthly Cost $10 $100
Power Generated 100 / 125 MWh/mo 1000 / 1250 MWh/mo
Jobs ($/$$/$$$) 1/0/0 4/2/1
Service Life 30 years 30 years

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- BSC Textures Vol 02


RobertaME 2018-12-18
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Sotireus GREAT!!!! 2011-12-26
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wingbull 2010-12-17
jaescobe22 i think these cost a little too much to plop 2010-07-25
cogeo The static panels as well as the control unit props ARE HD. Put them next to other props to see what I mean (check texture details, other props are pixelated and choppy) 2010-02-23
City Builder Thank you, I\'m looking forward to making huge solar panel arrays to feed my city\'s ever growing hunger for electricity. Out of curiosity, I keep seeing \"HD\" be touted in Lex and in STEX, and I know what High Definition television looks like, but how ist this HD? 2010-02-17
vashku Bright idea! Nice done... tks 2010-01-07
Xperian Thankyou. These will prove to be incredibly useful! 2009-12-08
thingfishs Great work cogeo! These are fantastic 2009-12-07
mr.fusion Wow. I always wished someone could bat something like this, too. Great work, and thank you for sharing, cogeo. 2009-12-07
SimNation Very nicely done. I have been waiting for these.Cannot wait to make a massive solar plant for my cj. 2009-12-06