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The geothermal power plant is a small plant with a capacity of 400 MWh for a cost of 38 per month. The rather high plop cost of 27,000 is balanced towards the life expectancy of 120 years. Using a natural power source, the pollution values of the geothermal power plant are very low. The water pump that is contained in this download has the same values as the Maxis water pump, but a more European look, based on the building for the geothermal power plant.

Dependencies: (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials


omega_six good work for U,Thankx 2012-02-01
Mawgojzeta Wonderful. Thank you! 2011-03-18
jacqulina excellent 2009-12-08
Andreas It\'s not my BAT, but Mathe Man\'s. ;) It took me an hour or so just before midnight for the readme and the packaging, though... 2009-12-04
Evillions8 More creations by you? You must have a ton of free time now. lol But really, nice plant! 2009-12-04