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Troy, New York is a gritty industrial city located on the Hudson River just north of Albany, the state capital. The east end of the Erie Canal terminates in Troy and the city is the seat of Rensselaer County. Troy has a rich industrial history- the US steel industry was born in Troy in the early 1800s before gradually moving on and expanding to the midwest later in the 19th century. At one time the city manufactured most of the men's shirts and collars made in the US. Numerous precision instrument firms were located in Troy and a few still call the city home. The Emma Willard School, one of the first girls' boarding schools in the US, was established in Troy. The country's first polytechnic university, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, was also founded in the city.

Troy is well-known for being the home of "Uncle Sam." Legend has it that soldiers stationed at the Watervliet Arsenal across the Hudson River during the War of 1812 received food shipments from a Samuel Wilson in Troy who stamped his barrels with the initials "U.S." The initials actually stood for "United States [Army]" but soldiers familiar with Samuel Wilson assumed they stood for his nickname "Uncle Sam". Over many years, the "Uncle Sam" moniker evolved into the personification we are familiar with today.

As in many other northeastern US cities, rowhouses were built throughout Troy in the 19th and early 20th centuries as the city grew. Likewise, a trend towards suburban housing construction and deindustrialization led to the gradual depopulation of the city in the postwar era, an unfortunate process which is still ongoing today. As in many other aging cities in the US, parts of the city were demolished in the postwar era to make way for "urban renewal"- many historic buildings were demolished to make way for parking lots and housing projects, but examples of fine 19th century architecture still fill the city.

The rowhouse BATs in this set are based on two real "swell front" rowhouses in the North Central neighborhood of Troy though similar "swell front" rowhouses can be found in many other northeastern US cities. Each of the ten different rowhouses in this set sit on their own lot and have been paired with a random rowhouse prop for variety. All the lots are CAMpatible but do not require the CAM to function correctly. The lots will only grow on medium and high-density residential zones.

See the readme for stats and other details. You can view thumbnail images of all the rowhouses in this set here.


(1) BSC Essentials - for the lot queries


Many thanks to Diggis for creating the people props in these models and to BarbyW for modding assistance. As always my thanks also go to the BSC team for their constant support, advice, testing, and feedback as well as to everyone who offered advice and comments on this project in my SC4D BAT thread.


Nebuchanezzar I've been using these for years - they're a must for anyone designing an old timey American city. Excellent plugin. 2018-11-02
rummtata Great stuff, thank you =) 2015-03-24
mattb325 Thanks for these - greatly appreciated 2010-05-29
bjamessuchy2 These are great! Hopefully you do more rowhouses like these, the game is sadly lacking 2010-02-25
dwelln8hss32 Well I have never been to Troy, but I think they will do nicely in my midwest-based towns. Great work sir! 2010-01-31
Subbub11 AMAZING! I love them! 2010-01-09
elliotc Great job,THX ^-^ 2009-12-24
Owl_Greene_ I grew up in Albany, and visited Troy often. These are on the money, and I hope they grow in my city! 2009-12-04
az42 great work, very nice, i like your work 2009-12-03
Minpin987 Great looking row houses... thanks! 2009-12-01
Sockojr53 I have spent many years in Troy, as well as attending the above mentioned RPI, and you have done a beautiful jon here. Very nice work!! Go Collar City!! 2009-11-30
darknono35 Wow, fantastic, please can you make other building in the same design ? 2009-11-30
thingfishs these are nice and distinctive, great work. 2009-11-30
slystone2 have always loved all of your work, my man - would like to recommend you to explore some similar midwestern styles, specifically Soulard buildings in St. Louis, Over the Rhine buildings in Cincinnati, and other old skoolies that fit your style - thanks, keep up the stellar work 2009-11-30
Nasri These houses look so realistic. They will be perfect in my city!! 2009-11-30
SimNation Wow..what a suprise release. I had not seen anything mentioned about a new set coming from you. Lovely work as always. 2009-11-29
ImFromSweden Nice job =) 2009-11-29