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These twin buildings have framed the north side of the Place de la Concorde in Paris since the XVIII century. They are currently used as a High-end hotel and the ofices of the French Navy.

The zip includes only one generic building with characteristics of both. Located under the Education Menu.
Speical thanks to Une_Ame for photo material.

Dependencies:Porkie Props Vol1.


mady97 super, excellent, thank 2012-08-25
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Aaron Graham Great Job!!! 5/5 2010-12-10
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Akkab magnifique!!! 2009-08-07
dabadon5 wowowewa very nice ! Its beautiful ! 2009-08-06
Harvey-87 Outstanding work! 2009-08-06
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surdanis gorgeous. a beautiful piece from a beautiful city. 2009-08-06
TheTeaCat A truly stunning BAT. Thanks for sharing this wonderful creation with the community. 2009-08-06
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q-tips Have to agree with all comments about this excellent BAT 2009-08-06
Twenty20 Awesome work !! A new monument for my city of Paris. Thank you. 2009-08-06
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SimNation Fantastic work my friend. Fantastic work 2009-08-05
Une_ame I like N1_2888 com cause I feel the same. The speed to finish this awesome building shows the real level of your talent. Muchas gracias Carlos !! 2009-08-05
N1_2888 Like birthday and Christmas on one day! :))) 2009-08-05
simdad1957 I am in awe, sitting at the feet of a grand master!! 2009-08-05
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