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These props can now be found in the following MEGA Prop Pack:

BSC MEGA Props CP Vol02


iamceltics GREAT!THANK YOU!! 2014-10-07
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yyb1234 ddd 2012-12-07
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karayel1907 thx for that. excellent 2012-10-31
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zh380928375 Very beautiful 2012-10-22
aezakmi555 thx 2012-10-08
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lovesimcity4 WOw 2012-10-03
stphenchen dd 2012-09-14
DLJ - 2012-08-18
junzuofolish good sharing!!! thx 2012-08-18
Cefiros awesome works !! 2012-08-01
mady thanks 2012-07-19
u_cakirr nbfvdcxxxxxxxxxx 2012-07-06
co1986 thanks! 2012-06-02
liyi betifui 2012-05-04
hoo325 amazing 2012-04-27
Timex this looks pretty good it will go good in my city 2012-02-25
kintaron2 :D 2012-02-20
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-08
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-22
mysillything thank :) 2011-11-16
damien58 merci 2011-11-03
chastelou MERCI 2011-09-23
AAAABattery 不错 2011-09-10
tjlilu THX,hehe..... 2011-06-13
-oscar- thanks i need it for seasonal wood 2011-04-28
tjjggg Thank you! 2011-04-08
erjunyi thanks 2011-03-22
wangbiliao 太好了谢谢 2011-03-20
huntingfire Hello, trying to make a tree lot based on this, but can\'t find Hornbeam in the lot editor. 2011-02-21
huntingfire Hello, trying to make a tree lot based on this, but can\'t find Hornbeam in the lot editor. 2011-02-21
HelloCity Good work, thank you 2011-01-28
WilliamKing Perfect Job you did 2010-12-22
sjdhfjdhj 我想知道... 2010-11-07
DALLAS890 Nice! Thank you so much :D 2010-04-05
Ce-Acatl Excelent... I like to add a lot trees to my cities... Thanks 2010-02-17
sejr99999 beautiful trees love the seasonal variety 2010-01-05
heyufit It\'s the very thing that I need very much! 2009-12-31
dwelln8hss32 Lovely. Really like the color tints and shading. Thanks! 2009-12-28
hooha47 These are the most beautiful seasonal trees I\'ve ever seen made for this game. Thank you so much. 2009-11-08
k5646138 it very great 2009-11-06
alex74 perfect! 2009-10-21
roni-m3 Thank You 2009-09-19
Ssean Very realistic trees amazing work 2009-09-15
mattb325 Brilliant (as always) 2009-09-13
Cockatoo-210893 These are really fantastic, best trees I\'ve seen in a while. Well done. 2009-09-12
Gosswin Very beautiful trees indeed! Thanks! 2009-09-12
sean2000 Thanks for sharing !! nice one ! 2009-09-12
oldgames5 These trees are excellent! Thank you! 2009-09-07
der_gammler aaaah, wonderful trees. I waited for such stuff a long time 2009-09-02
BusRocker They look gorgeous! 2009-08-20
Mas71 Thank you for beatiful PROPs again c.p :) 2009-08-04
Steamrobin I Will give it a try ! 2009-08-03
vagaga Excellent. >:D 2009-07-29
spa More beautiful trees for my lots! Thanks. 2009-07-27
mrbisonm Great, they look marvelous, could someone please make them Mayor ploppables.....that would be even greater! 2009-07-24
Livin in Sim I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as Jeroni\'s and c.p.\'s trees... 2009-07-24
tag_one New trees!!! Thanks CP! 2009-07-24
djvandrake Those look fantastic! 2009-07-24
TwistedMentat Fantastic! Just in time for a new project I\'m working on. Thank you! 2009-07-23
driftmaster07 ^_^ Good job! 2009-07-23
barondu29 Very beautiful Tree. Simply awesome. 2009-07-23
serebii666 Haleluah!!! More seasonals! 2009-07-23
Aemilia very nice trees :) thanks 2009-07-23
SimNation Lovely...Cant wait til people start using these in there lots 2009-07-23
io_bg Wooow! Awesome!!! 2009-07-23
Twenty20 very realistic ! thank you. 2009-07-23
laca1992 the more trees, the merrier ! 2009-07-23
Leodido wow ! awesome, I loved your other tree set :) 2009-07-23