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Creator: nycc06 Upload Date: 2009-07-05
Last Update: 2009-07-08 File Type: Growable
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Updated 2009-07-08 in order to include
another version made by nycc06 especially for the growable CAMeLot.

This CAMeLot is CAModded and uploaded with full permission from nycc06.

Here's the one we have all been waiting for...
It is my great honour to present the second part of my new WTC project,
One World Trade Center, aka the Freedom Tower.

The tower has taken the best of this year to create and is my last gmax project
that I will be making because I will soon be moving onto 3ds max.

I hope you all like my newest BAT project.
Thanks again for all the support with making this tower.

The tower is 541 m tall and occupies a lot size of 7x5 tiles.
It provides 22,750 CO$$$ jobs.


Colossus Addon Mod

BSC Textures Vol 03

A Cleanitol file is included that will help you
to remove older lots with this building that are inCAMpatible,
and to get that texture dependency.

For support and feedback, please visit

nycc06's CAMeLots - Showcase and Support


iddqd7331 5 stars 2019-01-11
maximusmaximillion wow 2015-11-04
rummtata Incredible work. 2015-04-02
Disasterjunkie that is one of the best towers I have seen yet. 2014-07-08
diego00alpha Amazing! 2012-07-19
gtl Oh Baby 2012-01-18
apw wonderfull! :D thanks 2012-01-05
archkorn It great Thank you! 2011-12-11
Ioseph Very ncie building, Thanks 2011-12-01
dali23 Where is it in the game ? I dont find 2011-11-20
Bonds Thanks 2011-04-21
lovesimcity4 thanks 2011-02-27
eggrs wow! this looks like the building supposed to be built in Manila (it\'s called Lopez Tower i think) i guess NY would be a more suitable place for the building. 2010-12-28
lolz2 your work is appreciated! 2010-10-24
MassDisaster221 Holy crap 9mb?!? Dang this has to be a big building! nice!! 2010-10-09
quadros I love the upper part thanks !!! 2010-05-30
D583087 USA! USA! USA! 2010-05-22
olegario39 can you also make another freedom tower but with no antenna? i\'m planning to build a futuristic new york with twin freedom towers...heheh. 2010-05-20
matias_sr muy buen edificio, gracias 2010-03-30
ndnpride07 wonderful! 2010-02-14
stalin187 Super!!!! (Y) 2010-01-25
m33st4 its not plobale :( 2009-12-02
cop.elektro Looks fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work 2009-07-31
caka It\'s really beatiful and excellent Thanks! I from Brazil, pleese sorry for copi posts! 2009-07-28
nycc06 The freedom tower on the stex is the same BAT as this one but is called One World Trade Center. 2009-07-21
cyprianvanderbilten this is awesome! good work!!!! 2009-07-21
nyyankeefan1903 thanks, ill try and get that buildingplop download. the freedom tower on the STEX is like, mad ugly compared to this beauty lol 2009-07-20
RippleJet <b>nyyankeefan1903</b>: A ploppable version is available on the STEX. Otherwise, if you have Buggi\'s Extra Cheats DLL, you may plop it using the BuildingPlop cheat. 2009-07-20
nyyankeefan1903 is there a ploppable version? 2009-07-19
boblabla god this thing is ugly. i mean the BAT looks great in that it\'s accurate and realistic, but the actual real proposed building looks like crap. it\'d be kinda lame to just rebuild the same towers, but surely they could\'ve done better than this. 2009-07-14
delta9 Amazing. And I\'m actually pleased with the design of this building IRL, because in a way it looks like the two towers combined into one. Great job!d 2009-07-12
gn_leugim wonderfull :) I still can do that, but i\'ll try ^^ 2009-07-10
commanderkai I wish they just rebuilt the old World Trade Center, instead of take this design....but, ignoring that, it\'s a beautiful BAT, and I\'m going to enjoy it being in my city. Thank you 2009-07-06
Brutalizer wooow ! :) 2009-07-06
ubi79 Simply awesome BAT. :D 2009-07-06
Mas71 It\'s really beatiful! Thank you for sharing Nycc06 :) 2009-07-06
metropo-like excellent! thanks 2009-07-05