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This Canal Addon Mod adds traffic enabled canal puzzle pieces to your "Misc. Transport" menu. You can use these puzzle pieces together with SimGoober's base canal set to create fully functional transit canals. With this mod, your canals can be used by by ferries (bus traffic) and freight barges (freight traffic). Several types of canal overpasses are also included. Other canal "skins", such as Callagrafx' remastering of SimGoober's canal, may be released in the future.

In this download, you will find several terminals to place alongside your canals so your sims can travel on the canals. Freight can leave your city through canal neighbor connections or seaports connected to the canal.

What is included in this download

* A canal ferry automaton, which will move around on the canals

* Several Passenger stations for your canals

* A freight station for your canals

DependenciesThe lots have several additional dependencies (some dependencies appear more than once, but all are noted in case you do not want a full installation)

  • All VDK terminals
    • Waterbusterminal_props.dat - included in thisinstaller


DUPUIS ROGER Pretty job, many thanks. 2017-07-12
Badboyz14 WTF Man !!! OMG Lots of dependencies !!! Thanks for upload this mod, but I don't download. Im so sorry :( 2015-05-19
MiamiHurricane so many dependenciesssss arghhhh 2013-07-28
jander30 Brilliant 2012-11-01
P3CTankman At first I was \"Dependancies!!11!1\" Then I realized I already had most of em. Sweet mod. 2012-10-13
Bramasta WHOA lots of dependencies... And those dependencies also have a dependencies X_X 2012-08-14
newbieisme very nice!! thanks! 2012-04-06
cj2cj2 Hope Im not overwhelmed with all the new downloads but thanks, sounds amazing. 2012-03-14
dhaniduduls its great man! thanks a lot.. :D 2012-01-28
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-18
ieyasu 2011-03-21
joeltp85 Thanks! 2010-12-18
sejr99999 wonderful expansion of the game thank you 2010-12-13
Freighter Nevermind, I found the problem, thank you so much for this, it works great :) 2010-11-01
Freighter For some reason there is no puzzle pieces in any of my tabs, is something wrong? 2010-11-01
jyj3010 Excellent!! Thanks 2009-08-11
lgmills This is brilliant. Thank you so much. 2009-06-26
Mas71 Really great works and Thanks so much for sharing and a development of this great works! 2009-06-25
tariel er... it doesn\'t seem to work, and doesn\'t even appear anywhere. We have all the props. What have we done wrong ? [we\'re MAc OS 10 etc.] 2009-06-23
morino awesome! I dreamed of it, you made it ! thanx ! 2009-06-23
FrankvU Yes, this looks great! 2009-06-23
Tamorr Thank you very much for the great work on this project. 2009-06-23
caspervg Thank you! 2009-06-22
Gringamuyloca Wahoo! thank you, thank you! 2009-06-22
kimcar Excellent work to everyone who work on this project. Thanks 2009-06-22
swashbuckler OMFG this is great. :D 2009-06-22