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Creator: BSC Upload Date: 2009-06-21
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Two small rural lots to provide power and water for small communities. Both feature a new animated windmill by simgoober and have transparent bases so will match any terrain.


  • SG_Prop_FarmWindmill_ANP-0x798DA26C-0xD0B80000- included
  • BSCMEGA Props - NewmanInc Vol02 - to avoid a brown box on thewater lot.
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    enterzandman Update: I found out why the black/blue boxes where showing up under this lot. It has to be placed on perfectly level ground. After discovering that I also learned that alot of these older lots have to be placed on level ground as well. Some lots are slope friendly and some are not. Apparently this one is not. I simply took my bulldozer and leveled a big patch of ground and placed this lot and presto worked perfect. It took me a while to figure it out but thats the fix I hope this helps someone cause I was getting frustrated not getting it to work. 2013-02-16
    enterzandman yeah I am getting blue squares too. I wish try and find out why if I do I will post back so that nobody else has this problem again. Its impossible to get support for any of this now cause everyone disappeared and nobody seems to care about this stuff anymore :( Let me see what I can find out and if I find the problem I\'ll posted the fix. Its most likely a missing dependency they forgot to list or something. 2013-02-16
    mattyeatsmatts The Windmill looks fine, but with the Water Pond i\'m getting Dark blue squares instead of the Transparent base 2010-08-24
    sejr99999 thank you very useful for rural areas something besides Maxis wind and water tower 2010-05-29
    roni-m3 nice 2009-09-21
    Mawgojzeta Really like this in game. 2009-09-16
    plutino I have only one problem. The lot is not transparent. I saw some blueish gray squares rather than the grass land. 2009-08-07
    jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2009-06-22
    io_bg Looks great, thanks for sharing! 2009-06-21