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This is the first release in the RUSA Project. These rather generic apartment buildings are designed for low rise urban sprawl settings. Stratton Apartments comes in two building styles with three color variations. Enjoy!


BSC Textures Vol 01.dat

BSC Textures Vol 02.dat

BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01.dat

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cronop44 Thanks 2017-09-14
sejr99999 thank you for helping to fill this important housing type with such high quality work 2010-08-18
drew0718 OMG! This looks just like the place where I lived in college! It will look great in my suburbs. 2010-02-11
patfirefghtr Jon this is soo sweet and I am glad I am home now to get these wonderful apartments!!!! 2009-06-11
chibytuga very nice... 2009-06-05
Mas71 Thank you for smart housings JBSimo :) 2009-06-05
Oidaas Thanks alot for these beuties! 2009-06-05
heitomat I agree with gottago. Great to have suburban horizontal development as well! 2009-06-05
oneeighttwo These are great! Thanks! 2009-06-04
stocktons_pimp i like this. some of these would make good public housing lots. :: 2009-06-04
kimcar Great model. Thanks mate 2009-06-04
simdad1957 Thanks JBS 2009-06-04
alexr19 Awesome! 2009-06-04
alexr19 Awesome! 2009-06-04
alexr19 Awesome! 2009-06-04
SimNation Been waiting for these. Cannot wait til the whole set is release. My suburbs were in dyre need of these 2009-06-04
io_bg great work, thanks! 2009-06-04
bblubb These are wonderful creations that will fit perfectly into my cities. Thank you very much. 2009-06-04
gottago Thanks very much for these--just the right thing for central European cities. Seems almost everyone wants to bat vertically but there is a great lack of horizontal buildings, both R and especially C, so these are very welcome! 2009-06-04