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Creator: Ennedi Upload Date: 2009-05-28
Last Update: 2009-05-29 File Type: Terrain
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Updated 2009/05/29 to include the previously missing readme...

Sky Background Mod Night Set 1 is the second mod containing realistic sky textures. You will find here three different night textures. You can choose only one of them. Please read the readme carefully.

I used HD textures in this mod (1024x1024 pixels), so I strongly suggest you to use hardware mode game graphic settings.

This mod is a part of a larger project developed by me in cooperation with Silvio (Rayden) and Chris (Chrisadams3997). We are going to redesign all terrain-related textures to increase possibilities of creating SC4 landscapes.

If you will need any help or information, please follow these links:
Help: SC4 Landscape Designers Studio Support Thread
Project development: SC4 Landscape Designers Studio Development Thread


Rebs07 Sweet, I like this very much. Thank you. 2014-03-29
gandoz Wow, nice background.. i take one... 2012-03-15
troxaclair This looks awesome in game, thx!! 2011-06-18
Murdock813 Seems to work now... I\'ve changed the graphicsmode to \"Hardware\". So if anybody encounters the same problems I\'ve described above try this! 2009-07-27
Murdock813 Hm, doesn\'t work for me. SC4 doesn\'t show the pics, obviously filesize and resolution doesn\'t match. I\'ve opened the defaults and your backgrounds in Photoshop and adjusted the resolution, now SC4 shows them, but it looks crappy due to the constant repetition... can anybody help? 2009-07-27
buff797 good~ thank you~~ ^^ 2009-06-06
jacqulina wow nice work 2009-05-29
Ennedi Simgoober and Aemilia: Sorry, I didn\'t add an update by mistake, it is fixed now. Thank you! 2009-05-29
Mas71 They are good too!! Thank you :-) 2009-05-29
Aemilia yes the read me is missing :( 2009-05-28
SimGoober Err... readme file? 2009-05-28
kimcar Great background my friend . Thanks 2009-05-28