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Creator: Ennedi Upload Date: 2009-05-27
Last Update: Never File Type: Terrain
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This mod replaces the default Maxis city tile background by the realistic sky texture. Sky Background Mod Day Set 1 contains 7 different textures (various colors, with and without clouds).

You can choose only one texture at a time. Please read the enclosed readme carefully.

I used HD textures in this mod (512x512 pixels), so I strongly suggest to use hardware mode game graphic settings.

This mod is a part of a larger project developed by me in cooperation with Silvio (Rayden) and Chris (Chrisadams3997). We are going to redesign all terrain-related textures to increase possibilities of creating SC4 landscapes.

If you will need any help or information, please follow these links:
Help: SC4 Landscape Designers Studio Support Thread
Project development: SC4 Landscape Designers Studio Development Thread


manuks22 Thanks 2012-05-25
Simcoug These backgrounds makes the game so much more enjoyable. Thank you. 2012-04-24
tarmiji thanks 2012-01-08
jonbom123 nice upload makes the game look better 2011-09-27
dellynyman thank this make my city looks great 2011-06-19
devotion77 asem (awesome) 2011-04-07
bajinksenk wow.... it\'s cool... perfec 2011-03-06
ricardogtc merci c cool 2010-05-10
lylemartin Wonderful Mod Thanks so much 2010-04-23
jrhnemo WOW! Thanks so much for this! 2009-09-02
Ennedi wolf92: Please read the readme. Maxis default background files are located in the Maxis/Plugins folder. You should replace them by my files (only one set at a time!) 2009-06-30
wolf92 i mean background 2009-06-27
wolf92 how i change backgroung? 2009-06-27
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2009-05-29
kimcar Excellent work . Thanks 2009-05-28
darknono35 It\'s cool ! thank you !! 2009-05-28
Twenty20 Great !!! thank you very much. 2009-05-28
Mas71 Yeh! Thank you for sharing these nice mod :) 2009-05-28
chasespncr Disregard what i said earlier.....great work 2009-05-27
chasespncr how do you use them? 2009-05-27
deathtopumpkins Incredible! 2009-05-27