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Creator: SimGoober Upload Date: 2009-05-25
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This is a fictional power plant, which draws power from a chasm in the Earth. As the warm air rises, it turns a large turbine, which generates electrical power. The prop for the turbine is animated, using the BAB tool, which is in final Beta testing.

Power Generated : 8,450 Mwh/Month

Most of these are small props, so if one or two are missing, you probably won't notice.
BSC Essentials
BSC MEGA Props_JBSimio_Vol03.dat
BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01.dat
BSC Mega Props - JES Vol 01.dat
BSC Mega Props - JES Vol 02.dat
BSC Mega Props - JES Vol 06.dat
BSC BAT Props - JES Vol 19.dat
BSC BAT Props - JES Vol 20.dat
CSX MEGA Props - Vol 06.dat
BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01.dat
BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01.dat


patfirefghtr SG while i was put searching the LEX today for something \"green\" I found this and Im shocked at myself I didnt catch years ago when this was released, this is amazing.... thank you very much!!! 2013-02-20
yumayo884 Thank you very much 2012-09-02
sejr99999 thank you a great power source nice details and of course the animated turbine is awesome! 2010-11-11
mattyeatsmatts Amazing goober, you are a legend 2010-08-27
mattb325 Great BAT - this is quite fun to watch :-) Thanks! 2009-06-09
guitarchitect Actually, a power plant like this isn\'t too far off. I\'m in architecture school and these are available for single homes now. 2009-06-01
english is there any way you can take just the turbine and use it as a ventilator for long highway tunnels it looks like it might be a 2x2 square item/prop and the fact its animated is even better 2009-05-30
highwayman145 Awsome realistic Geothermal Plant. I would also list some stats besides power generated along with it so I know how much it costs. 2009-05-28
Mas71 Thank you and good animated turbine as well! 2009-05-28
kimcar Great work once again Thanks 2009-05-25
RippleJet That rotating turbine just has to be seen in the game! Thanks, Jeff! :) 2009-05-25
SimNation Nice 2009-05-25
TheTeaCat ooooh its Here, yipppee What a wonderful bat. thanks so much for sharing this little beauty. 2009-05-25
tag_one Wow didn\'t knew you were working on this one. Many thanks for the pleasant surprise! I guess I\'ll have to drink a lot of coffee tomorrow morning :D 2009-05-25
vester I love this. Another green energy source. 2009-05-25