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This is a series of low, ploppable stone walls to decorate your countryside. They consist of orthogonal and diagonal versions, including curves and junctions.

They follow slopes and have the advantage of not being repetitive. They are also compatable with RRP wooden fences and are below them in the water menu.

You will also find in mayor mode (toward the end), Les Pierres de l' Aubrac. These are ploppables stones that will allow you to decorate your cities.

For lotters, there are 8 prop families with angles 1125; 2250; 3375; 45 ; 5625; 6750; 7875 and 90 . This allows you to create a multitude of personalized walls.


Salva1914 Thanks! 2017-02-01
arbiter787 I know this was 4 years ago, but it\'s an installer because ALL files here are installers...<br /> On topic, these will look great in my country areas! 2013-07-30
Une_ame Merci Orange pour ces beaux murs plopables. 2010-01-29
the_pretender90 Oh no.. It\'s an installer file.. Do you have any idea how annoying that is in Vista? And there is no need whatsoever for installer files.. AT ALL :( Why did you do that.. 2009-06-21
the_pretender90 :O Looks authentic 2009-06-21
118 247 Up on the Mendips these are very common so thankYOU 2009-05-26
JoshuaTwerpy this looks like hadrian\'s wall 2009-05-24
zl thanks 2009-05-22
Mas71 Thank you Orange_o_ for good additionals :-) 2009-05-21
gfv1974 Awesome! Thanks for sharing. :) 2009-05-21
Twenty20 excellent and very realistic, thanks ! 2009-05-18
Quesh Very beautifull Orange, thanks ! 2009-05-17
Aemilia Very nice my little rabbit 2009-05-17
NYM1980 Very nice, I have stone walls surrounding my property, so this will be fun to use in sim city! 2009-05-17
jacqulina wonderfull work thankyou 2009-05-17
kimcar Excellent work my friend. Thanks for sharing 2009-05-17