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Creator: Caliban Upload Date: 2007-02-08
Last Update: 2007-10-17 File Type: Plop
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All of Caliban's lots have been updated and all previous versions should be removed or the enclosed Cleanitol file used to do the work for you.
A combined set of all Caliban's great BATs: the Duke Chapel; the Radcliffe Camera; Mother Russia and the Swiss Re HQ building.In the zip with the installer there are text files for each of the lots. These will also be installed to mydocs\SimCity 4\STEX_Downloads\BSC\Caliban for future reference. 

Dependencies - see Dep. Tracker for links
BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01
CSX MEGA Props Vol06
BSC Textures Vol01
BSC Textures Vol02


Disasterjunkie ooohhh preety, is that the one in Barcelona or the UK. 2014-07-08
KonstantinII I like the egg building! 2013-07-31
hiimback57 First Gherkin upload... Thanks 2012-09-23
sy111 Swiss RE does not have the number of jobs you say in the readme. Instead in my cities it has 3004, not 5344 as you say. 2012-09-11
hohohola God, I love how the Radcliffe camera looks! please continue doing buildings from Oxford! 2011-06-02
sejr99999 thank you Wow! so fortunate to get these recovered creations makes me wonder how much I\'ve missed by coming late to the game 2010-11-26
16technokid Cool! 2010-09-12
Constant ^_^ Good 2010-07-31
yysdu It is greate, 2010-05-29
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-27
mikepaws Thank you so much! I am planning a London Themed City and this is a beautiful version of the Swiss Re Tower. 2009-11-28
foo_fighter Caliban, I can`t see Mother russia pack! The monument is a big brown box, why? 2009-08-30
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-13
meow yer ded this is great but i cant find the peg mtp resource vol1 and vol2 2008-01-12
jackrabbit Where Is PEG_MTP_RESOURSE_VOL 1 2007-08-30
Rebs07 Really nice buildings. I was wondering where I could find these. Now I know where. Thanks. 2007-05-23
Lana 10++++++ 2007-05-18
danielo a spanish congratulations, it\'s fantastyc.One of my favorites buildings 2007-02-26
cabrabuitre Each of these three are excellent... thanks for the upload here! 2007-02-11
mattb325 Magnificent! 2007-02-08
vab423 One-stop shopping. How cool is that? Thx. 2007-02-08
barbyw Oops another forgot. Mother Russia will be a separate upload and is not in this pack. 2007-02-08
praiodan The Radcliffe Camera was and still is one of my favourite buildings ever. Also I just recently saw an interesting documentary of the construction of the Gherkin, was quite funny :D Thanks for bringing it here as a collection! 2007-02-08
rotaryspd Oh, I do remember the second two from a distant generation of plugin folder. What excelent work these were...er are. 2007-02-08
barbyw No I forgot. But I will do one and post ASAP 2007-02-08
Colyn This is great ... the Grande Master Collection ... a must have ... is there a Cleanitol file in the zip please ? 2007-02-08