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Originally made for my GRV II region. Based on a design by Koenen and Klutmann for a watertower in Colmar, France (then German Empire) in 1883.


jf9vp10 Nice Thank pro 2012-09-24
fred wu 2011-08-31
fred wu 2011-08-31
dazniniel Excelente!!!! Imprescindible Trabajo. Muchas, Muchas Gracias. 2011-07-06
ericwayne99 Very beautiful. Great effort. 2010-02-09
claydog Nice work! Thanks! 2009-11-02
Caleb. Very nice. Bravissimo... 2009-07-15
luley Thak you, nice work. 2009-05-07
az42 good job, thank you 2009-05-01
Une_ame Sorry, the autor of this comment just pass away! 2009-04-19
warnie wow I live has Colmar in Alsace (France) and this turn strongly resembles it!!Very good work Warconstruct 2009-04-18
SimNation Nice 2009-04-18
cabrabuitre Wow, that\'s really awesome! 2009-04-18
Twenty20 Very beautiful ! 2009-04-18
art128kan stunning water tower ! 2009-04-18
mrbisonm Wow, great, it\'ll be surely appreciated and used in my GRV. 2009-04-18
JADsHome What a lovely and unique building - will fit in well with some of my older towns with it\'s Victorian folley looks. Thankyou Debussyman 2009-04-18
io_bg Wow that\'s wonderful! Thank you!!! 2009-04-18
SimGoober Nicely done. Makes me want to play chess.. :) 2009-04-17
Acemusik beautifly done , great roof textures 2009-04-17
jacqulina beautifull work thanks 2009-04-17
BusRocker It looks spectacular! It\'ll look good my upscale cities. 2009-04-17
spa That looks superb! 2009-04-17
mattb325 Beautiful! 2009-04-17
Lucien Very nice debussy ! Well done !! 2009-04-17
Glazert Exquisite 2009-04-17