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Five new farms
Custom foundations so they are slope friendly.
They all make use of the SimGoober Corn field crop.
BSC tracking enhanced so that they will trigger current rewards or future rewards developed by the BSC team.
They are CAMpatable and also compatible with Sim City "Rush Hour" and "Deluxe."


Must Have

(1) Cycledogs base and overlay textures. BSC Textures Pack CycleDog Vol 1
(2) SimGoobers Farms fields. BSC Farm Fields SG Revisited

Recommended but optional

(1) To display the query. BSC Essentials
(2) Various Props. BSC Mega Props JMyers
(3) Various Props. Maxis Castle Ramparts Landmark


mady97 genial 2012-08-25
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-08
kiim00 thank you 2011-10-20
jeffabes Is this SPAMpatible? 2011-07-20
sejr99999 thank you have been enjoying your farms they grow well but not excessively nice details 2010-11-11
zorsmj So good! I am finding it a long time! 2010-11-03
simcitymasterman sweet i am now on the road to adding amazing farmlands to go with my logging industry jmyers you are now up near peg on my fav list 2009-11-10
shyguy My Sims need corn! THX 2009-08-25
shyguy My Sims need corn! THX 2009-08-25
Triden007 Very good! 2009-07-07
Dahurian wow I love it. thank you very much! 2009-04-26
aschampoo thank you. 2009-03-12
meinhosen I gotta say that I saw a couple of these start growing, and they look very nice. Excellent work. 2009-03-10
c.p. These are excellent. Thank you. 2009-03-09
Dejavu21 Wow these are really awesome! Just plopped some in my city and it looks much much better! Many thanks! btw..I can\'t see the 1x2 houses, I just see the base and the overlay textures...maybe you\'ve forgotten to post a link to those houses? 2009-03-09
gfv1974 Wonderful! I especially love the barn being built. Thanks. :) 2009-03-08
owlsinger Thank you! I\'ve been looking forward to these! 2009-03-08
TheTeaCat Lovely skills displayed once again. These BAT\'s look great. Thanks for sharing. 2009-03-08
kimcar Excellent. I really like the construction scenery thanks 2009-03-08