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The residence is a luxurious apartment building for the rich sims in your city. Apart from the excellent fit out, the building has a large lobby, a nice garden and a great roof terrace with a swimming pool. The building grows on two lot sizes: 3x3 and 3x2. The building is CAMpatible but doesn't require the CAM as it's only a stage 7 and 8 building. The building has a capacity of 645 R$$$ sims. More stats can be found in the readme.


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Bobby_Gamer Nice one! 2016-04-06
rummtata Nice, but 360 Internet Security reports the archive as infected (Win32/Trojan.16d). Is it just me / a false positive? 2015-03-16
Disasterjunkie Sounds like a retirement package but looks like a post graduate apartment building. 2014-07-08
GTA ANDERS it looks good 2014-03-18
HATAKE00KAKASHI Love your work! 2011-11-27
Mulu2065 Oh thank you, a R$$$ high rise that will fit in my skyline! 2011-07-21
js303 Great looking apartment complex. 2010-07-25
sejr99999 thank you I appreciate your high quality and also need more of these medium size residences 2010-01-09
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
solyendo I can\'t seen to query it, even though i got all the dependencies. Anyone got the same problem, but it does look great! 2009-11-21
Rebs07 Beautiful absolutely stunning. 2009-03-23
79pop hi-so 2009-03-18
dem33 very snazzy thanks! 2009-03-15
Khevenhiler Biggie thanksie! 2009-03-03
Masochist This looks excellent! Very modern and chic, the type of place you might find in a central upperclass section of a big city. I can already see different neighborhoods to use it in. Very nice work, thank you for it! 2009-03-02
kimcar thanks i like it great work 2009-03-01
frdrcklim Wow. Nice medium-sized condo. 2009-03-01
SimGoober Nicely done! 2009-02-28
Sotireus thanks! 2009-02-28