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Creator: SimGoober Upload Date: 2009-02-11
Last Update: 2009-03-01 File Type: Plop
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This lot was made to combat the never ending smog problems that tend to occur in your industry centers. The building reduces air pollution through a process of cleaning it through jets of water. The facility uses a fair amount of water for this reason .

This is also the first release I have made using Animated Props. The cooling towers have been made using the BAB tool, in development by OverPop. The tool is not currently available for public release as it is still in Beta testing.

EDIT : Updated to remove a texture pack dependency no longer supported at this site.


Carlosedu1 Okay, so... I'm having an issue on Windows 10. I extract the file and try to execute it, but it keeps auto-deleting after a while. I tried turning off internet, running on comparibility mode and as administrator, yet I keep getting "This app can't run on your PC". What do? 2018-11-03
ktavares77 Love this, thank you 2018-10-29
Rimless thanks 2018-06-21
AsimPika3172 To Leebee, this files was CLEAN!! Maybe your PC have problem! Scan it first and try again. Anyway, is time for clean the pollution! 2017-11-20
Leebee I've tried to download this three times, which worked fine, but each time I've tried to open and install it, my antivirus programs have also halted the procedure. Shame. I've used this before, in the past, and it worked very nicely indeed. 2017-06-19
Leebee I've tried to download this three times, which worked fine, but each time I've tried to open and install it, my antivirus programs have also halted the procedure. Shame. I've used this before, in the past, and it worked very nicely indeed. 2017-06-19
asraf good job 2017-06-17
kjohn13 hmmm I didnt see any changes to the air pollution data after putting this building up. Do I need to install several of these in order to make it work? 2015-10-07
MGB204 @ woahtherejames - almost certainly the AV problem was a false positive, the likelihood of it having a virus from a trusted source such as the LEX and bearing in mind how many others have downloaded it without problems (27k) are about 0, so just tell your Antivirus it\'s wrong and all would be fine. 2014-11-20
woahtherejames i liked the look of this lot but after trying to install it it was blocked by my antivirus as having a Trojan virus . 2014-11-19
baz thanks<br /> 2014-04-03
jemdlee Thanks - great work it does a sensational job. Is there a way to change the building\'s slope sensitivity though? It cannot be placed on anything except 100% flat ground, not even a slight slope. 2013-11-09
afpsh This is amazing, i can finally have a dirty industry town with residents that breathe easy =) 2013-10-01
fatallyyrs27 works perfectly 2013-08-29
Panther559 Answer to all my pollution problems! Thanks a bunch! 2013-06-05
KonstantinII How do you make animated props? 2013-05-09
KonstantinII How do you make animated props? 2013-05-09
Devlin One of the top downloads!! 2013-05-07
Bistro187 Thanx 4 Your Hardwork 2013-04-30
Galacticruler Finally, spent hours trying to re-find this on the STEX, but apparently its not there. Thank god for DL history. 2013-04-28
EstesKJ this is the first time to leave a comment.... AND WOW thanks for this its AWESOME.I don\'t have to plant a bazillion trees any more 2013-01-18
yumayo884 Thnak you very much! 2012-09-02
diego00alpha This is trully handy 2012-07-19
Enslaved Viking That looks amazing, can\'t wait to see it in the game. 2012-05-25
jady88 Thanks. Seriously Maxis need to give you a job. 2012-04-06
Oldeguy Ome of the best of the modders ever 2012-03-02
luxhit What a Fantastic job! 2012-03-02
sc2011bsclex2 TY! 2012-02-24
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-09
prince_amy i need this more then anything thank you 2012-01-31
mdhsc4 This is a great lot, but it would be greater if it didn\'t require 100% perfectly flat land to place it on. 2012-01-11
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-17
Loscil Ver good :D 2011-11-18
Guji a must have! 2011-11-17
Ioseph Thanks, very useful and nice. 2011-10-06
adamnaxcovo nice work :D 2011-08-28
dazniniel Por Fin Aire Limpio. Graciassssssssss.........!!!!!!! 2011-08-03
Avazina Lot doesn\'t work as an Air Purification Facility. Don\'t waste your time with this!!!! 2011-05-06
kurakuraku wow looks great.thx very much. i still learning about sim city. 2011-03-21
mike1995y Hmm.... looks like u liked aniPacks) 2011-03-20
CountryKid Very Useful! Helps both industry and congestion! 2011-03-14
A Nonny Moose Has been a bit tricky to place in the past. Hopefully this version is better. 2011-03-10
dmef great work. 2011-03-01
Aliktren Great, really thoughtful mod and it works and looks great 2011-01-12
joydivision Great! 2011-01-09
MN121MN nice man.... 2011-01-06
wingbull This is a fucking cheat.. but its awesome, due to the animated rotors :DD 2010-12-17
Pro4eva Thanks! 2010-11-10
J3busM0f0 dude this plant is a cheat 2010-10-13
Smashedupcar300 Thanks, this will help keep my Environment advisor happy. 2010-10-03
ipul04 nice work 2010-09-17
ocket5 this is awesome! i really needed this 2010-08-15
A Nonny Moose Did the job. No fuss, no muss. A little sensitive on levelling. I had to level the ground manually. 2010-08-04
A Nonny Moose Sounds a little like overkill, but I\'ll try it. 2010-08-04
Cyrilix Sorry for making another post, but I figured I\'d report back... after some trial and error, it seems like you also need BSC Textures Vol 02. This means that this item requires BSC Textures Vol 01, Vol 02, and maybe BSC Mega Prop Pack CP Vol 01 + PEG MTP Super Pack (I know you need one of these last two, but which one I don\'t know, however if you don\'t have everything, then try those). 2010-06-27
Cyrilix Alright, so by downloading: - PEG MTP Super Pack - BSC Mega Prop Pack CP Vol 01 I have solved the vegetation so it now appears. The parking lots, however, still aren\'t appearing. http://wiki.livedoor.jp/masahiromirai/d/GooberGen%20Air%20Purification That site is a reference for what the final result should look like. Anyone mind telling me what the parking lot comes from? 2010-06-27
Cyrilix I\'m pretty sure something is still missing, since I\'m not seeing any of the vegetation or what\'s connected to the inner roads (supposedly a parking lot). If there is some kind of assumed dependency, please let us know. 2010-06-27
ChadnChia wtg! 2010-06-26
sejr99999 thank you need a little help with smog 2010-06-12
fleetwood Excellent, thank you 2010-06-06
dighole cool stuff ! 2010-05-28
CRI069 yes,good air!!!!!!! 2010-03-02
HuyHien95 Thanks 2010-02-19
aapo9tynin3 Very good idea! This will definitely help getting hi-tech industry. And every other $$$ zones. 2010-01-08
kimiraikko great addition 2009-11-12
roni-m3 Fantastic 2009-09-21
irwingk Cool *.* 2009-08-20
maximusmaximillion would try it - really cool... 2009-08-06
noxplode1 your da man ty :D 2009-07-26
do_loops downloaded folder was e.e.empty! 2009-07-08
Minpin987 AWESOME! Thanks for your continued excellence in BATing! 2009-06-24
Taeros Use it. Love it 2009-05-29
mafukw Thanks 2009-04-08
aschampoo thank you. 2009-03-12
luxhit well done :-D 2009-03-11
lgmills I can hardly wait to install this and fire up my game. This is great!! :-D 2009-03-09
SimGoober Sorry, I missed a texture file that shouldn\'t have been in my plugins folder. I will update this lot to remove that dependency soon.. 2009-03-01
mattijai Pls list dependancies, if none, then well, there is atleast one cause grass and trees are greyed out. 2009-02-26
SeVeR very well done-ty 2009-02-20
Lana 10/10 2009-02-18
ajmuste64 Must be missing textures. Parking lot is visible. Grass and trees are not. 2009-02-16
XAVERIOS Got all 3 BSC Texture installed but something isn\'t showing up when plopped. Help on that! Looks great and useful. 2009-02-14
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-13
Renmuelb 2009-02-13
SimGoober Needs a road connection, power and water. 2009-02-12
numanboy Cool idea and looks great, but does\'t the water just get polluted? 2009-02-12
arctin What does this facility need, when I build it, it last for a bit, then it is abandoned 2009-02-12
High5Tower Looks great and the coverage area is just right. I like my dirty industry and this cleans just the right amount and area. Thanks. 2009-02-12
Mas71 Oh! The time come at last that used Animated-PROPs by OverPop san\'s BAB !! Thanks for sharing this innovational works Simgoober :-) 2009-02-11
SimNation Animated Props eh? Will look cool to see those turbines spinning. This building will come in handy along side my many other air purification buildinigs.More variety means lower repetition. Thanks 2009-02-11