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Creator: barbyw Upload Date: 2009-01-27
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A set of four Mayor Mode mods for plopping simgoober tractors and harvesters. There is one for make of tractor and harvester. All will be installed into the same folder but if you do not require any you can just delete the file. As with all Mayor Mode Mods these cost nothing to plop or maintain and are completely neutral in effect.


BSCMEGA Props SG Vol01


SlashFan2000 This is great. Really spices up the farms. Now we need construction equipment for the highway division. 2010-07-17
TownMaster2005 Love the concept. Now to bring those farms to life. 2010-05-24
SeVeR very well done-ty 2009-02-20
barbyw jabl0me: it is a bug with the City Hall - not the unlocked mod. There is a fix for that on the STEX I believe. 2009-01-31
jabl0me bug or conflict? I have the City Halls unlocked mod and once I installed this, next time I plopped a new City Hall it showed up with tractors on the lawn, hmmm? 2009-01-30
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2009-01-30
patfirefghtr LoL @ SG and I agree this will be funnn!!!! Thank you Barby!!!! 2009-01-29
gfv1974 Sweet! Thanks so much. :) 2009-01-27
SimGoober rrrr... rrrrr.... rumm... rummm... I like playing with tractors! 2009-01-27
mrbisonm If these are like Peg\'s machinery and can be plopped right on top of the fields, they surely will please me as I have been waiting for these for a long time. 2009-01-27
kimcar easier to use thanks 2009-01-27
canis39 hmm...could be pretty cool for those farming communities. nice! 2009-01-27