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Creator: Chrisadams3997 Upload Date: 2008-12-19
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 9214 Category: Parks
Last Downloaded: 2021-02-26 Downloads: 12125


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These are unchanged from the beta versions that were previously available.
A pack of fences and gravel paths to give your rural areas more realism. The lots appear in the water utilities menu.


Nobo50 Just what I needed, some wooden fences for my camping grounds, thank you 2020-12-19
Wournos Why is this in the water menu?! It's highly irritating to place when seeing the water layer. "Due to request"? Bad call. 2016-03-15
Disasterjunkie look at that... does it come with stone walls too? 2014-07-08
tilia53 Thank You. 2014-04-08
PandaMike Wonderful! 2013-07-24
titanica doesn\'t work correctly with terrain mods 2013-07-06
juliok102013 No Dependancies? So I like!! 2013-07-03
Nightbird615 Never mind. I figured it out. :) 2013-04-27
Nightbird615 Hi there. I tried to download but it isn\'t installing anything into the folder. Any thoughts on why? Thx! 2013-04-27
Tetris Thank You. 2011-11-04
thatboy904 nice set but when used,the ground turns blue? 2011-03-16
Heides666 Small error with the installer. It places files into default folder no matter what you specify for the install path. Otherwise, thank you for this great set. 2011-01-26
183745942a Thank you! 2010-11-07
js303 Thank you. These fences look realistic and will add to the rural area around the city. 2010-08-06
river79423 i like this feeling 2010-01-30
Numenase one of the best downloads around! 2010-01-19
dwelln8hss32 Can\'t wait to get started! 2010-01-17
hanganu very well done-ty 2009-02-20
Skimbo I can only say one thing: nice work! 2009-02-11
bronstein it do not work correctly with the columbus terrain mod... But nice work ! 2009-01-18
canis39 This is cool, and I do like me some agricultural areas... 2009-01-05
simsamerica Where is the rest of the RRP Avalible? 2008-12-26
ipp4ever When I use a CP Terrain Mod , the gravel paths\' base texture didn\'t show correctly . Could you please show me the reason? thx a lot. 2008-12-26
Jim No dependancies? 2008-12-22
DougOZ Thank you, thats a great creation!! 2008-12-20
Lilojame I am soooo happy to finally get my hands on this! Thank you extremely very much! 2008-12-20
pokestik Thank...You! 2008-12-20
TheTeaCat Thank you for making these available. 2008-12-20