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Creator: Chrisadams3997 Upload Date: 2008-12-19
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These are unchanged from the beta versions that were previously available.
This pack contains a wide variety of mayor mode flora to enhance your terrains in rural and urban settings. They can be found in the middle of the mayor mode menu. The flora provided are:
ALN_Cat Tails.
ALN_Johnson Grass
ALN_Medium Scrub Brush
ALN_Pink Wild Flowers-B
ALN_Reed Grass
ALN_White Wild Flowers
ALN_Yellow Wild Flowers-B
ALN_Yellow Wild Flowers
All the models have been placed into one file but the dats for the different types of ploppable flora have been kept separate so if there are any that you do not want to use you may remove the dats for them. You MUST, however, keep ALN_Pasture Flora.dat as without that you will have brown boxes.


Mike M Awesome! This should spruce up the dull landscape a bit. 2018-11-06
sejr99999 thank you for adding all this beauty to the landscape 2017-04-23
Wournos Absolutely stunning! 2016-03-15
tilia53 very nice<br /> 2014-04-16
Tetris Thank You. 2011-11-04
Heides666 I need to go hiking again. Until then, I have this. :) 2011-01-26
pochi333 ...I\'ve BEEN looking for*\" srry for my lame english hehe :P 2010-12-29
pochi333 AWESOME! JUST what i\'ve looking for this time! Great work man, thnx. 2010-12-29
Aaron Graham Thanks a lot. 5/5 2010-06-03
JayStimson Very well done. 2010-03-23
A340-600 This is what i\'m looking for. Thank you very much! 2009-09-10
Dahurian beautiful flower ^^ thanks 2009-04-27
kasijatisss thank you!!! 2009-01-31
quackmofro Thank you for being gracious enough to reupload these. I was missing the second set, so it is greatly appreciated. 2009-01-07
ShadowCreature42 Do these count as trees (do they lower pollution levels)? 2009-01-02
wesman7 It\'s so pastoral! Thank you!! 2008-12-26
jtharris74 its amazing what you guys are doing with this stuff, absolutely unreal, thank you for the experience 2008-12-22
Pipishere Very nice, thanks! 2008-12-21
Lilojame I am soooo happy to finally get my hands on this! Thank you extremely very much! 2008-12-20
SimNation Love using these in my forest areas as well is for parts of my plop lots I make. 2008-12-20
Twenty20 Very nice ! exactly what I was waiting for. Thank you. 2008-12-20
TheTeaCat Thank you for making these available for everyone :) 2008-12-20
anarchy0029 I\'ve been waiting for this for such a long time. I\'m definitely going to use this :-) 2008-12-19