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Creator: Chrisadams3997 Upload Date: 2008-12-19
Last Update: Never File Type: Realistic
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These are unchanged from the beta versions that were previously available.
This is a set of draggable pths. There are 6 varieties and they appear in the Mayor Mode flora menu below all the c.p. trees.


MeMyself&I Very cool! Thanks for sharing this awesome work! 2016-10-11
YINYI 911 2014-10-02
gsg224 Thank you 2013-05-17
hh7790 2011-06-23
1119608488 2011-06-08
denniTampan thumb up for you 2010-11-11
dwelln8hss32 Thank You! 2010-01-17
alexjeremy This was a fantastic idea. I use it all the time... Just one more thing to make my cities look more realistic. THANKS a bunch. 2009-10-17
corey cool 2009-09-16
gottago Great idea! Wonderful to make open green spaces so common in smaller European cities. Can\'t wait to put it into action 2009-05-11
Jim No dependencies? 2009-03-12
pablo1991 it seems like an interesting tool... well job, thanks =) 2009-02-25
der_gammler Great! I found what I searched since long time THX!!! 2009-02-05
Sotireus thanks!! 2009-01-30
mr.fusion Very unique, i\'ll try it. I wonder why nobody had the idea before. Thank You for this creation and sharing it! 2008-12-21
Lilojame I am soooo happy to finally get my hands on this! Thank you extremely very much! 2008-12-20
pokestik Thank...You! 2008-12-20
Spore415 this is exactle6y what i was looking for, than k you! 2008-12-20
SimNation I have been enjoying these since the beta. Hope to see continued updates for it. Top notch work 2008-12-20
thabokke that looks like something i like to try, thanks 2008-12-20