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The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) was created in 1934 in the midst of the Great Depression to provide badly-needed housing to New York City's many working families. At first the NYCHA focused on rehabilitating and remodeling existing tenements in the Lower East Side to transform them into public housing. Many of these early rebuilds - such as the "First Houses" - still survive and function as public housing today. By the late 1930s it was clear that large developments with new buildings would need to be built to keep up with demand.

In the 1930s and early 1940s, the NYCHA began construction of housing projects on a massive scale. These first few projects were actually low-rise apartment blocks, not the drab high-rise towers we associate with public housing today. It was only in the postwar era when the Corbusian "tower in the park" concept was adopted for most public housing in New York and the rest of the US.

Beginning in the 1970s and accelerating through the 1990s to today, most American cities have demolished their high-rise housing projects as politics and social and economic realities have changed the government's approach to public housing. Focus has shifted from the construction of high-rise towers to the provision of housing vouchers for private housing units instead. Some cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, and Detroit have demolished their high-rise housing projects and have begun replacing them with modern rowhouses, detached houses, or low-rise apartment blocks to provide a mix of subsidized and market-rate housing. So far, New York City has resisted this trend. It has experimented with the construction of smaller-scale mixed income housing, but the city has no plans to demolish its existing public housing for the foreseeable future.

There are twenty growable residential lots included in this set- each lot has a different arrangement of housing blocks. All the lots are CAMpatible but do not require the CAM to function correctly. The lots will only grow on high-density residential zones- it helps to hold down the CTRL key when zoning areas large enough for these lots. All twenty lots will be installed into your plugins folder when you run the installer; simply delete any lots you don't want after running the installer.

This is the first of three NYC housing project sets. Keep an eye on the LEX for the next set in the series!

See the readme for stats and other details.


(1) BSC Textures Vol. 1- for the base and overlay textures

(2) BSC Textures Vol. 2- for the base and overlay textures

(3) BSC Mega Props SG Vol. 1- for miscellaneous props

(4) BSC Mega Props CP Vol. 1- for miscellaneous props

(5) BSC Mega Props Misc. Vol. 1- for miscellaneous props

(6) BSC Mega Props Misc. Vol. 2- for miscellaneous props

(7) Colossus Addon Mod- recommended for better gameplay, especially when using large growable lots like those in this set (optional)


Many, many thanks to Rooker1 for lotting these housing project sets! I would also like to thank Chrisadams3997, Diggis, Vester, and Wouanagaine for their help in solving graphic issues with the second housing project set. My thanks also go to the rest of the BSC team for their never-ending help, feedback, and support and to everyone who left comments and suggestions on this project in my SC4D BAT thread.


MladenNinkovic None of these building are poping up and i have 20000 R$ demand. Please help? 2014-01-15
RadicalSolution Oh no, soo many dependancies.. Ops wait a min. Got all of them : ) Thanks for using common dependancies. The buildings looks great and authentic. 2011-10-23
sejr99999 thank you very attractive bldgs in large complexes are most welcome and appreciated 2010-11-10
marcszar Jmlouro- Please see the readme, it lists the sizes for all the lots. ;) 2010-09-09
jmlouro What are the sizes to zone for this to grow? 2010-09-08
hmm Wow, so wonderfuly done; you captured the side of New York that so many people overlook! 2010-02-19
bodek HEY WHERE THE NEXT SET? 2009-07-01
skycity92 I was just curious when your next set will be coming out? 2009-02-07
bkballa4790 Ahhh a taste of home! Wonderful 2009-01-06
alexr19 i haven\'t been able to get these to grow. anyone else having a problem? 2008-12-29
io_bg skycity92, plopable residential lots don\'t work properly in the game that\'s why nobody makes them. 2008-12-29
skycity92 Oh and another thing, could you make these ploppable along with your next two sets? 2008-12-23
skycity92 These are just what i was looking for. 2008-12-22
Lilojame Very nice work on these! They shall be a nice addition to my plugins folder. Thank you very much! 2008-12-08
SimGoober Nicely done! 2008-12-07
Theirishnintendonerd nice 2008-12-07
jmdude1 these look great! i like the unique lot sizes which make them easier to grow. 2008-12-06
sim031094 Great!!! Can\'t wait for the next set. This set is so good. It\'ll be great for my city!! 2008-12-06
skyjuice This is the best, looking forward for more like these sets 2008-12-06
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stocktons_pimp nice. :: 2008-12-05
ehanson I\'ve been looking forward to your NYC housing project set for awhile. Excellent work as always! 2008-12-05
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