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Version 3.1
Updated November 22nd to fix the decimals in the tax rates
and to add a version compatible with NAM Traffic Plugin Z Classic.

Updated July 1st to add versions compatible with NAM Z Traffic Plugins.

Updated February 24th to fix BSC Essentials in the Cleanitol file.

The Census Repository's query provides detailed information about the city's residential, commercial and industrial supply, demand and CAPs. Additional information shown includes vacant houses, unemployment, commuters, taxes and educational quotient, all important factors when analysing a city's growth. By hovering above any piece of information in the query, you will get more explanations than given in the readme.

The Census Repository Vault is meant for rural towns and other locations where you want to encourage agricultural growth. It is cheaper to plop and cheaper to run, and employs only 5 over working clerks.

The Census Repository Facility isn't available in every city. You need to have a situation where you must soon provide CAP relief in order to keep your city growing. It needs to be plopped across a busy road in a commercial area. It boosts commercial growth but you don't want to live too close to it. It is more expensive to plop and to run than the Vault, as it employs up to 85 clerks. However, you will get income from sims who love to drive under the glass corridors of this formidable formicarium.

Also do note that the bureaucrats do not take any responsibility for people getting run over while lining up at the entrance, or for cars crashing into the entrance, which foul mouths claim is appearing out of nowhere. And if your name is Harry Potter, go knock the door of some other phone booth.


BSC Essentials

BSC Textures Vol 01

The following file needs to be deleted
in order to avoid conflicts between the old and the new query:


A Cleanitol file is included to help you with these two dependencies
and the removal of outdated files.

For more information and questions, please pay a visit at:

Census Repository - Support and Discussion


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hellonwheels great idea, impressive work, awesome tool, thanks ! 2010-03-13
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