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Please download the following patch after installing SC4Mapper:
SC4Mapper mini patch
SC4Mapper is a tool that you will definitly need if you want to import/export SC4M files. It does not require SC4Terraformer to run. It is basically SC4Terraformer without the terraforming tools and without 3D, so DirectX is not required

Update 12/18/07

Fixed a bug when user folder name start with a "u"
Support thread is here


eric99hong thanks 2016-05-15
tch98200 CANT Download = = 2014-07-28
hidebooooooy thanks 2013-11-04
d7777856 likr 2013-10-25
dennielfinda OK 2013-07-29
dennielfinda GSDSGD 2013-07-29
br0cha I CANT DOWNLOAD THIS!<br /> 2013-07-25
ameen goood job man i like it\'s 2013-07-14
jenggojack thank you 2013-06-19
magnanicholas oi 2013-04-06
edsuku It\'s very helpful, BRAVO !!! 2013-03-28
gviper What in the h--- is going on with this tool! I have it working but it doesn\'t update directories when I add new folders and I can\'t remove it from my computer! 2013-03-14
khming can\'t download 2013-02-09
palm888 gdg 2013-02-09
mrtbr niceee 2013-01-26
nridha 66656hjghjj 2013-01-23
Capitolia Thanx! 2013-01-19
Andres80 iam very gladly for your\'s work.. 2013-01-18
airlangga00 An awesome tool 2013-01-13
callmebaby win 7 problems 2013-01-11
mylastsong18 What do we do if we have Macs? 2013-01-09
hfdzongkha Where do you extract it to? 2012-12-17
m_k_b_h1987 not working, every body have the same pb but no one has answer how to make this thing work!!!!!! 2012-12-15
WessK despite everyone bitching and moaning, i got it to work just fine on my windows 7 64 bit laptop. just followed the instructions (create a new notepad file, & change documents folder). 2012-12-06
AndersL Does not work with Windows 7 2012-10-31
phamhoainamb Thanks, i found ... ^^ 2012-10-23
Ravana Extra hoops to jump through for more modern OS users? Congratulations on putting forth minimum effort, good sir. Your program is barely adequate for the trouble to do SIMPLE tasks. You should feel bad. 2012-10-20
deebluesea I hope I can use it wisely :D 2012-10-17
duaneb17 Just cant seem to figure this out, tried all the suggestions above...almost lost my taste for trying to get this game to be more modern. Too many downloads... 2012-10-09
savit thank 2012-10-06
Culinia Traceback (most recent call last): File \"SC4Map.py\", line 1, in ? File \"SC4MapApp.pyo\", line 48, in ? File \"Numeric.pyo\", line 91, in ? ImportError: DLL load failed: The parameter is incorrect. Does not work. Copied all DLL files found in install directory to Windows/System32 and still does not work. Changed My Documents folder etc. etc. and still does not work. 2012-08-26
eebbee I downloaded the patch for this and put it in its folder, I have Windows 7 and it isn\'t working 2012-08-24
TonyNobo thanks 2012-08-17
Jessrond Never mind my whinebag of a post... I think if it\'s not working you should uninstall and reinstall and then do the .bat thing again 2012-07-04
Jessrond what a joke, none of the suggestions for windows 7 did anything either. predictable 2012-07-04
theepicdriver Thanks Bris it works now. 2012-06-28
Mattp Not working on windows 7 2012-06-20
Spikie852 Works fine, but can\'t save regions. The bar gets to about 10% then stops, and stays there forever :( 2012-06-18
kazuhira It does not work for me plzz tell me how to install it. 2012-06-17
d4rman Tanks 2012-06-10
TonyNobo Sometime ago I lost this prog due to crashing HD. So I down it again to create my region. Thanks. 2012-05-15
vishals730 Thanks again 2012-04-18
Zombie Womble Thanks Bris & osse84 Working great now. 2012-03-29
osse84 @randommonicle: I had the same problem, a shame no one could answer you sooner. Try right click the start.dat file and choose open. It works for me. 2012-03-23
randommonicle I have followed all instructions to the letter. I can still not get past the splash screen in win 7 64 bit. ANY help can someone e-mail me on ben.graham4@btinternet.com 2012-02-22
randommonicle I have followed all instructions to the letter. I can still not get past the splash screen in win 7 64 bit. ANY help can someone e-mail me on ben.graham4@btinternet.com 2012-02-22
Spaney Can\'t get past splash screen on Win 7 2012-02-22
fersanbridge good tool 2012-02-19
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-08
flyers70 bris, thank you so much! So nice of you to help! 2012-01-22
warttt Brilliant, Bris 2012-01-16
Simcoug This is very cool, I love some of the regions I can use now. 2011-12-05
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
fomoesc 2011-11-18
vidud thank you,,, 2011-11-16
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-16
Bris The comment-box took all my line breaks... So a little annotation to my previous comment above this one: In the file, that you have to create, the \"set USERPROFILE=%USERPROFILE:Users=Documents And Settings%\" is one line, the \"SC4Mapper.exe\" is on the second line. 2011-11-10
Bris FOR WINDOWS 7/VISTA USERS: To get this to work, follow these few simple steps: * First make sure, there is NO compatibility mode active for the SC4Mapper.exe * Create a new plain text document (i.e. using the notepad) and fill it with (copy&paste it!): set USERPROFILE=%USERPROFILE:Users=Documents And Settings% SC4Mapper.exe * Rename this domucment to start.bat (make sure, it\'s just .bat, not .bat.txt or any other extension) * Move the file to the install directory of the sc4 mapper. * You\'re done. Enjoy. Still getting errors? Just read this post again! But this time: More carefully ;) 2011-11-10
nirranthea it;s not working in my 7 64 bit I tried http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=10330.0 but failed 2011-11-04
daniwes FLarsen\'s suggestion works for me: Windows 7 64 bit 2011-10-16
Buslee 2011-09-19
luizfzago thanks! 2011-08-28
FLarsen There is a very easy fix for Windows 7: Open notepad. The first line must be: set USERPROFILE=%USERPROFILE:Users=Documents And Settings% The second line must be: SC4Mapper.exe Save it as something.bat in the same folder as SC4Mapper.exe. It MUST end with .bat Now just doubleclick on that file and it should work. 2011-08-28
DyO1 useful 2011-08-19
leezer Some help please. when i save a region i get an error in the log \"Traceback (most recent call last): File \"SC4MapApp.pyo\", line 862, in SaveRgn OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory\" does anybody know how to fix this error and save the region correctly.? 2011-08-04
dbello1108 thanks for the tip SamJam! it now works on windows7 2011-07-20
simbacat10 it wont open on windows 7 2011-07-17
wiki212 not working in windows seven fix it... 2011-07-17
Mocha2007 FIX IT!!! I'm tired of waiting. 2011-07-15
Chriman Dident work on my Vista either! >:( 2011-07-11
Gurung it doesn\'t open in windows 7. is this not for windows 7 version. 2011-06-20
pimmapman I love the idea of the whole thing, but I\'m tellin\' ya, it doesn\'t blimmin work! It crashes every single time! I close everything, I even end some processes that are using any memory at all, apart from the system. I\'m using a Toshiba laptop with Windows XP. Someone please fix this thing!! 2011-06-10
mongus Thanks! It works ons XP, Vista and 7! http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=10330.0 2011-05-30
asdfasdf13 file error ! 2011-05-29
jackhermanson doesn\'t even show up on desktop 2011-05-28
jackhermanson doesn\'t even show up on desktop 2011-05-28
pimmapman I have discovered that a file in the program files folder for the tool called \"library\" is corrupted. Is it meant to be like this? Someone please help. I really want this to work. :) 2011-05-19
pimmapman I have discovered that a file in the program files folder for the tool called \"library\" is corrupted. Is it meant to be like this? Someone please help. I really want this to work. :) 2011-05-19
pimmapman And I have also installed the patch. 2011-05-19
pimmapman The idea is great, but it doesn not seem to work on Windows XP either. I try to load a map into it using the SC4M tool, but it always crashes. I have checked that there is nothing running aside from the System Idle Process, but it always crashes a few seconds after I choose the file I want to open. I have tried both redownloading the file, and redownloading and installing the tool. What am I doing wrong? 2011-05-19
BIYIKLI it does not work on win 7 2011-05-10
zen310 I can\'t get passed the splash screen either. Using Windows 7. 2011-05-06
senseisan hei why this program can\'t run...just appeared splash screen...why??? 2011-04-30
timfox236 Well I just wasted my download quota trying to get this program, because every time it downloads it seems to disappear from my computer instantly!! Ive put it into two C: drive folders as well as the Download folder and I still cant see it. Seems my Antivirus removed it. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem (and possibly email me the program now that I cant get it)? timfox236@optusnet.com.au is what I would like anyone to contact me with...ty!! :) 2011-04-25
Thomasdiamond Is is not just Vista I\'ve tried it does not work on Windows 7 either 2011-04-13
pimmapman It seems like a fantastic tool, but whenever I try to use a sc4M file, it crashes. Why is this? 2011-04-10
wag100 how do you pass the splash screen, by the way! 2011-04-06
franzlester download qoh na din sa wakas.. mag reregister lang pala... 2011-03-23
thegiant27 Sorry about my rude comments. I can now get past the spash screen! 2011-03-22
Geo737geo747 THIS IS CHEAP 2011-03-20
dixon215 Went through a lot of effort to install Windows XP mode and Virtual PC, installed the mapper, followed the instructions, and still couldn\'t find or load map into SC4 2011-03-17
thegiant27 I HATE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!! STUPIDEST TOOL!!!!!! 2011-03-14
downthedirt I CAN\'T GET PAST THE STUPID SPLASH SCREEN! ( same thing happen to me !! ) 2011-03-08
thegiant27 @SamJam-WELL GET A NEW COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2011-03-05
thegiant27 I CAN\'T GET PAST THE STUPID SPLASH SCREEN. THIS IS DUMB MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2011-03-05
anggye thanks a loot 2011-02-04
sandiego1 can u please fix this problem sometime soon!!!! 2011-01-16
joltmeister SamJam\'s way works on win7 too. 2011-01-15
IwantSC5 Lame! I just went through so much crap over the years with finding regions & yet I found them only to realize I need this mapper thing to go with it only to find out it\'s now working with Windows 7!...Anyways, what is the main purpose of this mapper? Do I even have to open it or can I just start downloading regions & have everything be fine? 2011-01-13
ravijoshi i m getting error while saving region.... though i installed it correctly y? 2010-11-16
tomopeth it doesn\'t run in my win XP, the splash screen appears but no application starts.. Any suggestions as to what should i do? 2010-11-15
monnikje Thanks SamJam for your instructions. I just want to say that your solution also works on Windows 7. 2010-08-27
SamJam AGAIN, FOR VISTA USERS (since some people don\'t want to bother reading other comments first)..... To get SC4M to open properly, you need to move your Documents folder. Open the properties of the folder, click on the \'Location\' tab, and change it from [C:\\Users\\My Files\\Documents] to [C:\\Documents]. Click OK, and when you\'re prompted to move the files say yes. Obviously the more plugins you have, the longer it will take. After creating your region, use the same process to move the Docs folder back to [C:\\Users\\My Files\\Documents] and then you can play. I HAVE NOT used Windows 7 before, but this could possibly be a solution there too. Feedback for others would be appreciated. 2010-08-20
tfinvold so apparently this program doesn\'t work on windows 7... it install ok, but upon starting up, nothing happens. Any ideas to get around this? 2010-08-12
Bweigle This thing doesn\'t work. I\'ve downloaded it 4 times and it won\'t open. Can someone help? 2010-08-11
Exodia the forbidden one never gets past splash! how come???? i run it on windows 7! Why why why why? 2010-07-30
DenisineDD funny thing is: it always say: a problem has occured while creating the region folder. You should enter a valid folder name as region name. I ve tried many...even the basic name like auckland...and it still don t want to save....i do all the step that it say to install it but it doesnt work...:( 2010-07-29
DenisineDD funny thing is: it always say: a problem has occured while creating the region folder. You should enter a valid folder name as region name. I ve tried many...even the basic name like auckland...and it still don t want to save....i do all the step that it say to install it but it doesnt work...:( 2010-07-29
joshriddle577 I guess it really won\'t run Vista, but this is a really nice tool! Thanks so much! 2010-07-18
SimGamer243 Nvm, I figured it out. 2010-07-13
SimGamer243 2010-07-13
detrav8210 Hey people with Vista if u do what SamJam said it will work 2010-07-12
gj1 @Hemp316 You can download and install Windows XP Mode (Virtual PC) from Microsoft. Install SC4Mapper and SC4TF in an XP virtual machine. I am using Win7 64 bit Ultimate and it works perfectly for me. 2010-07-11
Hemp316 Also,I do have Windows 7 as well and it looks like I\'m not the only person with this problem.Like others I pressed .exe and nothing happens.It says it has that process underway,but no results what so ever.This is A very inconvenient problem-I\'ve been wanting to transfer all kinds of Regions and for the past 6 months continue and continue uninstalling and re-installing.This needs to be fix big time... 2010-07-09
Hemp316 Hate to say it it did not work at all for me.I have downloaded it 4 times now and went by the Guidelines and again nothing. 2010-07-09
sonyvaiovgn 2010-07-03
joshriddle577 I needed this thank you so much! 2010-06-16
DMTA awesome! 2010-06-07
franzgarz this is great!!! 2010-06-04
gnospex thanks 2010-05-12
brandbrand32 thanks 2010-04-25
flame3256 For Vista. 2010-04-22
flame3256 <Solution for Windows Vista> Originally your documents file is located in C:/Users/My Files/Documents. So, move to C: Drive. Then the SC4Mapper will open. 2010-04-22
turkeyfrank cool ^_^ 2010-04-19
turkeyfrank cool 2010-03-26
michaeljforde You must register with BSC first, through the LEX link on sc4devotion. The two are separate. 2010-03-25
Walletsch 2010-03-18
agung AKU BINGUNG 2010-03-17
CRI069 Good tool!!! 2010-03-01
ROFLyoshi I can get it to work on 7 but it won\'t load my 19x15 large tile region. Can anyone help? Other regions work fine. 2010-02-06
amerone another wonderful thing that i\'ll never be able to use... frustrating ! 2010-01-21
djstretch i doesn\'t work! 2010-01-09
ipooted I have windows 7 x64 bit and when I press on the .exe it doesn\'t start so i went to program manager and says the process is running but I still don\'t see it what do i do, does it not work for 7 users too? 2009-12-31
RunningforSenator uj 2009-12-27
duuk Ad-Aware is telling me this download is spyware. 2009-12-18
scrazyscheme Does anyone know where to get the mac version? 2009-12-15
jujubinha1990 i loved 2009-12-11
MrSlick0 I have Windows Vista and managed to install it successfully and have imported a few SC4M files already, though I did change the location of my Docs folder. 2009-11-23
SLagonia So, what are us Vista people going to do? Is there any way to make a downloadable region that doesn\'t require the mapper? 2009-11-13
claydog I can\'t get past the splash screen with Windows 7 either. Any Fix for this yet? 2009-11-12
mike0286 thanks 2009-09-29
DominikS I don\'t care whether it works or not when I move my documents folder, I don\'t want to do that in order to install one map into my game. 2009-09-26
LuCor It doesn\'t work... but thanks =D 2009-08-23
raysayers does not work with Vista? 2009-08-22
GhostDude WHat!? i open it and after 2 secs its closse down what to do 2009-08-11
debaser Okay...I figured it out. My laptop doesn\'t have SC4 installed, and the program apparently wanted a /SimCity 4/Regions folder to put it into. I created that path in My Documents and it appears to have worked. 2009-06-30
debaser Where does it save regions? I\'m having to run this thing on an XP computer which is networked to this one. When I went to save a map it asked me to name it but did not give a path. I\'ve looked where I thought I should and can\'t find it. Where is it, please? 2009-06-30
parthious is there a mac version for this? i cant find it anywhere :( 2009-06-10
SIM CITY 4 RUSH HOUR Works with Windows Vista see this page http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=3458.0 Go with Windows Vista to see this page http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=3458.0 2009-04-21
wouanagaine Why don\'t you post on support thread is behind my comprehension 2009-04-14
Rouche And with VISTA ??? 2009-04-13
Sizzurp sweet! thanks for the upload! i dont know why but it does work on vista people! 2009-02-26
Sizzurp Well Well SC4 mapper doesint work for me (runnin on Vista)But TerraReformer WORKSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! It Does Works on Vista!! 2009-02-26
TrebuTa not working on vista. :( I am sick of the same maps pff but I don\'t have the time to make new ones so I badly need this to work on my vista 64bit... :( 2009-02-21
NikoBellic2334 Sorry to double post but everytime i try to download it it keeps giving me this error The System Quality Controller ... (picture above) ... is having problems with the data you entered. There are other messages there too. 2009-02-17
NikoBellic2334 Nothing happens when I start it. What happened? 2009-02-17
Gamer this thing has made it a lot easier to get those custom maps working :P 2009-01-04
larsswan Moving the documents folder in Vista does work. SamJam has it exactly right. 2008-12-29
Hitoz I wont save regions. 2008-12-19
Theirishnintendonerd Awww... Its a pitty it dosent work with vista although this program is still great 2008-11-16
frieko9000 i can\'t get mine to work on Vista neither, shame really. 2008-10-30
Pinoy32 hi, i have window vista, so i transferred my file from programs to documents i still having problems with the sc4mapper from showing up?? does anybody have this issue with window vista?? 2008-10-04
SamJam FOR VISTA USERS: Although the buggy issue is being dealt with, the easiest way to get SC4Mapper to work is to change the ocation of your Docs folder. Open the properties of your Docs folder, go to the location tab, and change it from [C:\\Users\\My Files\\Documents] to [C:\\Documents]. When you\'re prompted to move the files, say yes. Of course it may take a while if you have a lot of plugins! 2008-09-22
Tidalpool So what is the answer about VISTA, will it work? Is there something we need to do to get it to work on Vista? 2008-09-09
The Arrowz it doesn\'t open... 2008-09-08
adsaga Does this work on Vista? I\'ve downloaded it twice and it will not open. The support thread link has a \"fatal error\". Thanks 2008-09-01
paeng pity ... even on win2k it will not start .... 2008-07-13
fafase yop not working on vista... 2008-06-23
tylertycoon can\'t get past the splash screen when running vista either 2008-05-24
dole459 new to simcity 4, always womdered why they never included a terraformer like before 2008-05-13
arodsat i have Vista too and it doesn\'t get past the splash screen. 2008-05-12
1g059 Does your program work with Windows Vista? Because I have Vista and it does not walk 2008-05-09
City Builder Is there a problem running this under Windows Vista? I can\'t seem to get it to work even when run as administrator. 2008-04-11
City Builder This is such an awsome tool. It easily allows me to take my grayscale images and convert them into maps for SC4. It doesn\'t seem to really like very very VERY (did I say VERY) large images and sometimes just stops doing anything, but for small, medium, large and extra large maps it does a very good job. 2008-03-15
nexusdog Groovy 2007-06-25
freedo50 this is another great work from the master of SC4 code, thanks again woug! 2007-02-17
DuskTrooper Thanks again! 2007-02-05
scritore thank you for your efforts on this and all of your handy utilities... your work has done wonders for improving SC4. 2007-02-05
Serkanner An awesome tool again by the Guru of SC4 Tool making. Thank you for all your wonderful additions. 2007-02-05