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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2008-08-02
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Every city needs parking lots, you can't have enough of them! There are several parking lot sets available, but I wanted some that can be placed along a street. A small private project developed quickly, and I adapted ideas that I got from other people. I. e. there are two special corner lots that make use of overhanging props in order to cover the grass texture that appears at street and road corners.

There's also a small modern bus station that fits perfectly to the parking lots. A bike shed with the same design also works as "bike & ride" bus station. The set is very modular; it contains textures for the sidewalk mods by Jeronij and SMP, as well as for the original Maxis textures. Please install only the texture file that matches with your sidewalk textures. The appearance of the trees also differs, depending on which tree props from the SFBT Street Tree Mod have been installed.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials (updated version July 2008)
- Cycledogg's Mega Prop Pack


fantozzi Ignore my last post - I messed it up with another file, the SFBT - Essentials. Sorry. 2016-07-02
fantozzi Could this be an outdated version (2008) - isn't there a newer one from 2015? 2016-07-02
Tarkus JustAGamer: It is normal. Most of the files you'll find up here use an installer. Some AV programs will come up with a false positive for them as many of them use statistical heuristics rather than an actual scan to flag them (i.e. it can get flagged simply for the fact that it's not a massively popular software program). 2015-11-02
JustAGamer is it normal that there is a exe file, i dont trust it 2015-10-31
patchbowen Also, I can't find cycledogg's mega prop pack 2015-07-14
patchbowen To mac users, just get the crossover trial and use crossover on the .exe files... it works for me. 2015-07-14
eRiesha Looks awesome! 2014-09-01
Disasterjunkie this SURE IS WICKED. 2014-07-08
Azer38 That\'s looks awesome! Thank you :) 2012-01-15
mauriciodiniz_ It doesn\'t work on MAC. :/ Is there a ZIP FILE?! 2011-11-08
tarmji thanks 2011-11-05
rubira 2011-06-11
Goggles123 This is very cool. Two thumbs up Andreas, your innovative style adds much to the community! :) 2009-01-13
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-04
Badsim Truly something to have ... Thank you . 2008-10-13
io_bg Cool! stickdude, in SC all parkings work when they are placed next to a station! 2008-08-23
mattb325 Great work, thankyou 2008-08-08
stickdude I really like it. However is it supposed to just be eye candy or does it actually work? I can\'t seem to get any1 to park there. I have it in both R and C and by some beaches and landmarks. could some1 help me? 2008-08-07
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2008-08-03
Mas71 Thank you for nice works which is necessary for a making a good scene.:) 2008-08-02
TheTeaCat just what was needed thank you 2008-08-02
toxicpiano lovely 2008-08-02
Fatsuhono Thank you Andreas! It looks a beautiful! :) 2008-08-02