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This is a BAT of a small brick apartment building from the Bronx. These types of apartment buildings can be found in upper Manhattan and Brooklyn as well. This BAT, like many other apartment buildings along major streets in New York, contains several small shops on the ground level.

Four 3 x 3 corner lots have been included with this BAT. There are two low-wealth residential lots and two medium-wealth residential lots. These lots are CAMpatible but do not require the CAM to grow. See the readme for stats and other details.


There are no external dependencies.


My thanks go to the BSC team for their constant support, advice, testing, and feedback as well as to everyone who offered advice and comments on this project in my SC4D BAT thread.


Szeppi112 When your wonderful designs appear as Plopplable versions? Regards 2011-04-18
sejr99999 excellent thank you love these classics 2010-11-09
marcszar endorush- A few of my rowhouse/tenement sets do contain abandoned buildings, but not really any \"bombed-out\" versions. ;-) I agree it\'d be cool to have some burned out shells in SC4, but I can\'t bring myself to model them- it\'s too depressing to show beautiful tenements in a dilapidated state. :-) That\'s why I usually prefer to model fully-tenanted buildings, but if you can BAT, please go ahead and make some! 2010-10-12
endorush nice work on these bronx style buildings. one request, it would be cool if there was an \"abandoned, bombed-out\" version of these types of buildings resembling the aftermath of when the landlord burned the building down to collect insurance money. i\'m really going after that 70\'s/80\'s south bronx/harlem feel. also looking for bombed-out homes like you find in detroit. i\'ll have to start making my own buildings. heres what im talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtI-En92Xso&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHhUDKfiggY&feature=channel good work and thanks again! 2010-10-03
Dirty-d This New Yorker is amazed by your attention to detail!!! 2009-03-10
bkballa4790 Definitely in Bed-Stuy thats where im from in Brooklyn, (Bedford Stuyvesant). Very NYC, my mom used to live in one on the second floor on top of the corner store in Harlem! 2008-10-04
thinkrevolution7 this is great.lol it looks exactly like my apartment building in the bronx but yea u find it uptown, manhatten (harlem not washington heights) and parts of bed-stuy and bushwick brooklyn. i would be evn better if u added diffrent colors and some throwups on the walls.give it that NYC feel.good job. 2008-10-03
Mas71 I praise polite and minute modeling especialy! Thank you !! 2008-07-28
spa Awesome! 2008-07-27
Hydra Great one. 2008-07-27
francescob17 Beautiful.Can you do it also in other colors? 2008-07-26