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This is a modern combined heat and power plant based on a 2001 design from Luxembourg.

The plant produces 8,000 MWh/month, making it a good alternative to the Maxis gas or oil fired power stations. The lot size is 7x3.

Lot size: 7 x 3 tiles
Building style(s): Building: Utility,Building: Power
Power Generated 8000 MWh/month
Max. Fire Stage: 100
Power consumption: 10 MWh/month
Water consumption: 10 Gallons/month
Air pollution: 32 over 12 tiles
Water pollution: 35 over 12 tiles
Garbage pollution: 10 over 0 tiles



leodex ty 2010-10-19
Lilojame Thank you very much! 2008-10-30
Hydra Looks great. 2008-07-13
iwannajoin Should this file contain a .Dat file? All I see are a SC4Lot and a SC4Model file. 2008-07-13
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toxicpiano looks bloody marvelous 2008-07-12
paroch Another great release here Richard, nice one. 2008-07-12