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Creator: Ennedi Upload Date: 2008-07-05
Last Update: Never File Type: Terrain
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Diagonal Jagged Edges Mod enables creating properly looking diagonal walls on slopes higher than 13,4 m. The DJEM modifies the same parameters as the terrain mod main file, so you should choose version dedicated to the terrain mod used by you. The ZIP file contains DJEM versions for all new Cycledogg's terrain mods, Columbus Terrain mod (including Standard and Snowcapped Versions), Teirusu Arctic and Desert Terrain Mod and the Maxis default terrain.


godfreygodfrey sudden valley? 2019-04-05
cronop44 Thanks 2017-09-01
flippityfloo Great mod, and so vital for use with retaining walls. I am also having trouble with this not working with the Italia terrain mod. However, I know it worked at one point, so I must have installed a conflicting plugin. If anyone else has experienced this and knows of any conflicts, please speak up here. 2014-09-01
nettronic Thanks! 2013-02-03
brandbrand32 thanks 2012-11-26
yumayo884 thank you very much 2012-09-14
alvinheriadi it\'s not working!!!! 2011-09-18
SlashFan2000 This does not work. Installed the correct file. What is wrong? 2010-07-23
Korion My bad, problem solved ! 2009-12-06
Korion I have the same problem as GMT, jagged edges all over the place with the Italian mod. 2009-12-06
RebaLynnTS Can you tell me how to make the modifications needed to work with other terrain mods? 2009-06-02
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-10
Variant Excellent mod. The \'cliffing\' effect is much more reasonable in this one. I tried it on an already existing town of mine, in a quite hilly area, and I didn\'t have to alter the landscape very much at all to get rid of any unwanted rocks. Removing the rocks also didn\'t cause too much damage to the city. Smoothing them out is even easier with the God tools. Very good work. 2008-10-12
Ennedi GMT: Of course it works with Italia Terrain Mod, looking at file names in the zip you will find the proper file easily. If the mod doesn\'t work for you, it means you installed it in wrong place. Please read the readme. 2008-08-24
GMT does the djem for the italia terrain work at all? I don\'t have no other djem mod but this one and still get jagged edges all over the place, no matter how high the edge is... 2008-08-23
Ennedi sithlrd98: Yes! If you have beta release, you don\'t need to replace it. If you want to change something in the mod, please inform me. 2008-07-08
sithlrd98 Just to make sure , are these DJEM for the meadowshire the same as the beta release a couple of months ago? 2008-07-07
Ennedi toxicpiano: Yes, in fact these mods don\'t affect one to another. 2008-07-07
toxicpiano Is this compatible with slope mods? 2008-07-07
Stewey Thanks a lot for this Ennedi, makes such a huge visual difference compared to the previous DJE Mod I was using. I can now enjoy the terrain mod more now. :) 2008-07-07
Ennedi Cockatoo-210893: Parameters were carefully adjusted to have as little rocks as possible, I\'m very glad you find it useful! 2008-07-06
Cockatoo-210893 Thanks! I really needed this. The old mod from JRJ used to really mess with my terrain mod - making almost the slightest slope show the cliff texture all over. Thank you very much for this, I\'ve wanted it for a long time! 2008-07-06
gfv1974 Great work - thanks! 2008-07-06
Mas71 It\'s really great Ennedi:) Tnaks for sharing and your R&D !! 2008-07-05