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This is a collection of sports base props and textures developed for the NUTs team.

NUTs Cricket Nets
NUTs Cricket Wickets
NUTs Fan Zone Screens
NUTs Leaf Litter
NUTs Tennis Courts
NUTs 6m Fences
NUTs 9m Fences
These will be installed to Plugins\NUTs\Props\Diggis


chastelou merci 2011-09-23
A_H4tchetman Thankyou :) 2011-09-12
emmeci1970 mitico 2010-04-24
lylemartin Thanks 2010-04-23
IDK Cool! 2009-10-18
huai005 thanks!! 2009-10-12
yangga9 Thanks! 2009-08-06
simrule101 Awesome,is it going to be updated? 2008-12-27
Lilojame Thanks! 2008-12-11
Duvad Cricket nets/wickets! Lovely. 2008-07-06