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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007-02-04
Last Update: 2008-04-17 File Type: Plop
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Another Oldie comes to town !!!


BIG and special thanks to
who created the exclusive fences seen in those walls.I am very proud of his
help, and those lots would not have been posible without him. GREAT
Marrast !!! Gracias amigo.

This is a set containing
9 usable lots. 3 rural diagonal walls, 3 residential diagonal walls and 3 residential
diagonal walls with seasonal trees. You can use them to give an alternative
"old" look to your cities.


If you want to use
the seasonal lots, you must have or download great PEG´s Seasonal Woods.You
can do it here:

All other textures
and props are included in the download.

There are two dat files
and three folders in the zip. The two dat must always be installed. The other
folders are self-explaining and optional. You can install one, two or all three
if you want.


jeroni fence.dat
Those are the props and custom textures required

RU - 1X : Rural Wall
straight 1x
RU - LD : Rural Wall Lower Diagonal
RU - UD : Rural Wall Upper Diagonal

RE - 1X : Residential
Wall straight 1x
RE - LD : Residential Wall Lower Diagonal
RE - UD : Residential Wall Upper Diagonal

RE - 1X S : Residential
Wall straight 1x Seasonal tree (*)
RE - LD S : Residential Wall Lower Diagonal Seasonal tree (*)
RE - UD S : Residential Wall Upper Diagonal Seasonal tree (*)
(*) PEG´s ramdom woods are required

No terrain levelling.
You MUST level the terrain somehow before placing them. TunnelandSlope tool
is very addecuated. Take it here:


3 plop cost
5 bulldoze cost
0 monthly cost
no wealth
5 park/LM effect - radius=5
5 air purifiyng - radius=5

You can see the lots
in action
in my CJ at Simtropolis, Sculpting
Columbia River

You can also find more
(Free registration needed)

Hope you like those
lots. !!!


the lots at your own risk. ;-) .Feel free to use the data contained in those
files. If you want to distribute some of the textures orprops contained here,
just dont forget to credit the authors. Jeroni and Marrast.

EDIT 16/02/06 : The mod that minimizes the jagged
in some of the diagonal faces has been gently released by Pjot.
You can donwload it here.

file actually needs the following Pack/s to work:

- VOL01


- VOL02


updated 04/2008: Changed / added Dependency links


tboy 2014-01-17
fergmantn FYI for all the people complaining about the missing .DAT files. Yes, the instructions say that they should be there and yes, they are missing from the ZIP file. I was in the same boat and frustrated as well. However, I spent a good bit of time tracking this down and have them working now, even with the .DAT files missing. From what I read, the .DAT files have been removed from this \"pack\" and rolled into another, bigger \"pack\". This is apparently something MOD authors do on a regular basis as they release newer versions of their mods. I\'m not sure exactly which MOD pack contains the needed .DAT files but I believe the dependencies listed above (BSC Texture Pack and BSC Mega Prop Pack) contain them. Good luck! 2014-01-08
Phunkadelic77 MISSING DAT FILES.... ?? ROMANO.dat jeroni fence.dat I was going to use these but I guess not.. It\'s July, 2013 and this U/L still hasn\'t been updated to include the \"required\" .dat files.. damn.. 2013-07-04
magge THERE\'S NO .DAT FILE 2013-02-06
kotetu238 thanks fou u 2012-10-23
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-21
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
marcos2topete esta de lujo muchas grasias 2011-04-17
brunorrr DEPENDANCIES Not Found 2011-03-10
sameul Awsomeness! 2010-08-24
pochi33 Thanks Jeronij. Simcity 4 is one of my favourites, and now i\'ll play it again with mods. Salutes, and sorry for my lame english :S 2010-05-27
canuseeme where do I put the plugin the residential and rural diaganal wall set V1 2010-03-06
plai thanks 2010-02-03
Mawgojzeta Really like the way they look in the game. 2009-11-03
streetwise I will be downloading these! Thanks a lot:) 2009-10-18
sameul Very good jeronji 2009-09-17
medead5 are there no dat files? 2009-07-06
llicker thanks! 2009-06-27
krakola45 Uh..Pjot\'s mod link is broken. Could you give another link please? Thanks 2009-06-16
tomrolfe Thanks 2009-06-13
tomrolfe Thanks 2009-06-13
boblabla BSC Mega Prop Pack jeronij Vol02 2009-03-17
yoshimitsu31 There are no DAT files in the zip I downloaded??? No bueno??? 2009-03-07
anmiga Where can I find romano.dat & jeroni fence.dat ? They are not included in download or the packs that are linked to. 2009-01-23
bkballa4790 great for my \'burbs! 2009-01-04
TIR669 It\'s gonna be great! Thanks ;) 2008-12-20
MANIACAVE Thanks 2008-11-16
The_Joker Looks great, but the archive doesn\'t include the dat files... 2008-10-21
jeronij 2008-01-04
klaascornelis Game crashes when i put these in my pluginfolder Any clous about it? 2008-01-01
hogs29 Very nice walls. These will be a great addition to any region. 2007-02-04
scritore Very handy, especially whem combined with Pjot\'s mod... tha 2007-02-04