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Creator: RippleJet Upload Date: 2008-06-11
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This pack contains bat models required by AC Functional Airports,
created in cooperation between the Aerospace Consortium and BSC.

The MEGA Pack contains the following models:

Jetway by Xiziz
Small Walkway by Xiziz
Small Hub by Xiziz
Small Terminal by Xiziz
Medium Terminal by Xiziz
Modern ACTC by Muzzy
CdS Seaplane Base Filler by Ripptide
CdS Seaplane Base Fuel Tanks by Ripptide
CdS Seaplane Base Hanger A by Ripptide
CdS Seaplabe Base Pier A by Ripptide
CdS Seaplane Base Pier B by Ripptide
CdS Seaplane Base Ramp by Ripptide
CdS Seaplane Base Sign by Ripptide
CdS Seaplane Base Terminal by Ripptide
CdS WF Seawall 16m by Ripptide
CdS WF Seawall 16m Offset by Ripptide
MOG Concrete Helipad by Moganite
MOG Windsock by Moganite
MOG Fuel Tank by Moganite

Even if this pack replaces models that exist in other files, there is no Cleanitol file included.
The reason for this is that there are functional airport developer files included in the files being replaced.
All these files are instead removed by the Cleanitol file included in AC Functional Airports.


gunkz32 Thank you, with out this dependences file my Airport doesnt look great 2015-11-06
Disasterjunkie I have officially learned my lesson!<br /> make a back up. <br /> make a back up. <br /> It will take me days to get all my info again. 2014-07-07
eurythmics were can I find the control tower? 2013-02-27
cefien Where\'s the Ceanitol File...?????? 2012-10-23
daboy Thanks i\'ve been looking for this for a while 2011-07-22
geindoll thank you very much! 2011-03-22
geindoll thank you very much! 2011-03-22
CRI069 thanks 2010-02-28
Ricky112233 Does it have depencies?? Cheers,Ricky 2009-08-08
RippleJet trainz, empty your internet cache before trying to download it again. You once probably got an incomplete download and every subsequent time you redownload it, IE reads the incomplete one from your cache. 2009-02-23
trainz it won\'t download 2009-02-22
Lana 10/10 2008-06-17
pilotdaryl This is a sign! IT MEANS RELEASE!!! MOAR!!! 2008-06-13
k808j jay0123 r u refering to the ACB VLT files? 2008-06-12
jayo123 And.. gfv1974:Yeh,its avalible over at the stex ;) 2008-06-12
jayo123 i\'m glad this was uploaded.My airport pack had some sort of error that made SC4 crash when i plopped one the AC airports pieces. 2008-06-12
gfv1974 Thanks for this. Has AC Functional Airports been released yet? 2008-06-11