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Creator: JPlumbley Upload Date: 2008-04-24
Last Update: Never File Type: NAM Plugin Files
Views: 5899 Category: NAM
Last Downloaded: 2013-07-31 Downloads: 9284


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As the SAM is now included in the Network Addon Mod, this file has been locked, and will no longer be available.


archkorn Thank you! 2011-12-11
lilkel03 where is the window version? 2011-11-16
abrapunk thank you!!!! 2011-11-11
17/05/00 funciona em windows? 2011-10-13
Haso2011 It doesnt requiire Installing. Because you Downloaded the Mac Version, all you have to do Is Extract your Files to your Desktop or Somewhere like that, and then Cut and Copy the File to your Plugins. 2011-08-11
rjamesp nice :) 2011-05-29
samness7 Woohoo! Thanks sooooo much man!!! 2010-11-28
thomasstone yesssss 2010-09-16
mjj911 i have vista i dont show up 2010-09-15
mjj911 windows version? 2010-09-15
mjj911 yea exaclty put andy addon in the sim city folder 2010-09-15
citymayor07 hey!!! where\'s the windows version of this sam street!!!! 2010-09-14
citymayor07 o my gosh !!! i cant even go to install page!!! 2010-09-14
citymayor07 hello guys, I cant download this can someone help me please!!!! 2010-09-14
jjjj88 Awesome! 2010-09-12
ChadnChia U rockin\'it!ty! 2010-07-01
Aa51132155 2010-06-18
Gregren Thanks very much guys you do a great job 2010-06-12
JPdude I\'ve always wanted extra roads! To install, I think you just put this in the SC4 Plugins folder 2009-11-29
Tarkus There\'s no installer because this is the Mac version. Try the Windows version instead. 2009-07-27
uh60james Same here, no installer file included. 2009-06-22
Dexist were is the install i only see when unzipped screenshot texture folder and .dat file 2009-01-27
Lilojame Thank you very much! 2008-10-30