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Three new water tower types for your rural regions and small towns. The Pedesphere, the Torospherical, and that icon of water towers, the Riveted Metal Tank. These are about the same size (give or take a few meters) as the Maxis water tower . The Maxis water tower can hold 2.400 gallons of water. The Pedesphere holds holds 4,700 - the Torosphere holds 6,000 - and the Riveted Metal tanks hold 1,900 gallons of water.

Once Dependency

(1) BSC Textures Pack CycleDog Vol 1 A MUST HAVE: I used CycleDoggs textures to make the lots


william933 Nice models and makes my city looks cool 2014-01-31
GummyBear I\'am a Gummy Bear, I\'am a Gummy Bear, I\'am a Gummy Gummy Gummy Gummy Gummy Gummy Bear , and I Liked IT!\' 2012-03-19
dazniniel Genial !!!!! Buenisimo para los que nos gustan las ciudades chicas....!!! Gracis !!!! 2011-07-06
Foxster Thanks 2011-04-11
Foxster Thanks 2011-04-11
geindoll thank you very much! 2011-03-22
mattb325 Definite must have - thankyou for sharing 2011-02-05
sejr99999 thank you nice variety in style & size have seen all versions in r/l 2010-11-09
Vanitas Nc nc must have this 2010-09-15
Bryce29 Excellent! 2010-08-03
Bryce29 I love your work very creative and quite useful though it took me sometime to notice that there was a dependency to this thing...I didn\'t know that I installed the dependency already...lol 2010-07-31
Shadeofheave Awesome work! :P 2010-07-03
strikeout8 Awesome, thanks. 2010-06-08
Ebricsson than you very much! 2009-11-11
killerd72 this is awsome thnx XD 2009-04-18
Lilojame Thank you very much! 2008-10-30
andee very beautiful 2008-05-08
pokestik Thank...You 2008-03-18
Gosswin Looks really nice! 2008-02-06
claydog Better yet, paint your girlfriends name on the side of it! 2008-01-29
canis39 nice! 2008-01-28
Paris A great addition to rural areas, thanks 2008-01-27
patfirefghtr Jim this is wonderful works, and will defintley fit well in my cities!!! 2008-01-27
BadgerBoy Perfect! I like building small towns and large cities on the same large area. These make my water life easier. No longer must I run long pipes. 2008-01-26
Tarkus These are some very, very nice water towers. Thanks! 2008-01-26
jacqulina wonderfull work thanks 2008-01-26
meinhosen Ah, just like home. All I\'d have to do is climb up and paint my name prominently on the side. :-P 2008-01-26
SimNation Nice one will be good for my suburbs 2008-01-26
oldrogue Very nice I love it actually thanks alot and keep up the good work..... 2008-01-26