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Standard elevated rail networks always have the same basic grass from the underlying terrain textures showing up under the network. While this is fine when the network runs through residential or undeveloped zones, it's a real eyesore in highly developed urban areas. The el-rail facelift mod was created to remove that pesky grass and replace it with a look that suits them better. The mod adds a new base to elevated rail running through your RCI zones, according to zone type, density and wealth. Additional props will appear according to development; trees, bushes, crates, vehicles, lamps, people and other props liven up the areas under the tracks and give an appearance of developed land.

Note: This is an installer version of the mod, Mac users should use the ZIP version.


Hank Jones Does this work with the latest NAM? 2018-01-13
andikal wow this is nice addon to NAM, thanx 2013-01-13
calvin_khor Wow!!! This makes my city more realistic!! 2013-01-05
rajpoot good 2012-12-23
Javale Nice! 2012-12-01
Magneto It\'s good but the mod have some hiccups near networks intersections 2012-08-02
Panther559 Very excellent idea! Thank you so much! 2012-07-20
Moonraker0 Any word on the compatibility issue with the new NAM? I don\'t even have the draggable GLR extension plugin, yet I get random tiles with only supports and no other stuff that this mod is supposed to add under them, regardless of development adjacent to the railway. 2012-04-03
Airborne12 Looks alot better than the CRAPPY unrealistic ones (it looks HORRIBLE). 2011-12-23
dogma555 ^So this is still 100% compatible with the latest NAM. You can have the REGULAR draggable GLR .. Just *DO NOT* install the ADDITIONAL draggable GLR\'s or you\'ll get \"floating\" el-rails without support beams underneath them! 2011-10-20
Tarkus Phlogiston: If you\'re using the new GLR Drag Extension Plugin in the NAM (the one adding two additional styles of Draggable GLR with interchangeable base textures), the Type21 exemplars used to place pillars on El-Rail will conflict the Type21s in this mod. 2011-10-02
Phlogiston i think this is not compatible with the current NAM. :( 2011-10-01
Simcityboy Nice stuff, but I want it for the monorail either 2011-07-20
rjamesp cool 2011-05-29
sim_vern Awesome ideal! 2011-03-29
herbert1313 Nice ! 2011-03-07
sumboy ty !! :) 2011-01-19
dddajmdy1 Very Thanks! 2010-12-21
cwb990102 。。。心嗽心音峡 2010-12-07
chengjinyi Chinese players passing 2010-08-22
iloveyou J\'adore ! 2010-07-17
slydishere This is indispensable!!!!! >>>>> please make for monorail:))))))) 2010-07-15
crumbolt Love it! Is there something like this for elevated highways? 2010-06-12
Tenzwood AWSUM 2010-01-02
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
westollow i love this! just what i needed 2009-11-20
tavito nice 2009-10-21
alancatalan thanks, awesome mod! 2009-09-18
Officer Martin Best mod there is 2009-06-26
Brunswick Great Idea! Sure I will download! 2009-05-07
olegario39 is there a mod like this for monorail or HSR? its so unfair only the el-rail which gets a revamping..its like the monorail is useless to all. 2009-04-20
Randomtaskk Make one for the monorails too pretty please :D 2009-03-28
79pop it so good 2009-03-18
bkballa4790 Thanks! 2009-01-04
thailovesc4 Thanks a lot ....It cool !!!!!!! 2008-09-03
THE_HECK Why is there a password in the zip file? And what is the passwort? Could someone please tell me? 2008-07-23
Micooliscool Fab-u-lous 2008-07-06
gallard0_inc WOW IT\'s Look GREAT!!! REALLY APRECIATE IT!!! 2008-06-10
chibytuga looks cool, wish there were one for elevated highways... 2008-05-08
sirrliv Isn\'t that called the HSRP? ;) 2008-05-01
CWS2710 I think we need a Monorail Facelift Mod. 2008-03-13
CWS2710 Great idea! Thanks! 2008-03-13
vinlabsc3k It\'s a good work, but in many city under an elevated transport way there are a concrete \"texture\" or an embankment 2008-01-31
canis39 very cool 2008-01-25
tigerplayer91 Great idea!! Its about time someone thought of this. Green grass just doesnt fit in with an urban city. 2008-01-24
iamthefuture Very useful, thanks 2008-01-14
dioangel thank you very much 2008-01-13
SimZYi Great! 2008-01-09
patfirefghtr ty 2008-01-04
sebes Thanks a lot! 2008-01-04
capo Thank you! 2008-01-02
Andreas @OwenYoman: Yes, support for the Euro Road Textures Mod is included. @voodoo_operator, 905: This method should be possible for the elevated highways (and monorails) as well, but it\'s a rather tedious and time-consuming work, so don\'t hold your breath. ;-) 2008-01-02
905 This is just what I needed! Thank you so much! Is this possible for the Elevated Highway? 2008-01-02
Cockatoo-210893 You don\'t know how long I\'ve wanted this... this could possibly be one of the best mod of the year. 10/10, great work! 2008-01-01
OwenYoman I remember a Euro Asphalt mod in the development thread, has that been included? 2008-01-01
Quesh Yes great, good idea !! 2008-01-01
Paris Sweet, thanks. 2008-01-01
hogs29 Great idea! Thanks for making my cities look so much better 2008-01-01
xiaocai It was high time for thi mod to be released! Welldone! Is there a chance that this will be alsa available for monorail? Thanx 2008-01-01
snorrelli Tremendous achievement. People have been waiting for this for years... Thanks so much! 2008-01-01
voodoo_operator Awesome idea! Any chance that this will also be developed for elevated highways? 2008-01-01
ssin I love it!!! 2007-12-31
yoshiisland2 So, so, SOOOOO freaking awesome! Happy new year everyone! 2007-12-31
claydog Hey, Great MOD!! All my SIMS love me because of your work. Thanks! :) 2007-12-31
jestarr This is excellent and much needed. Thanks! 2007-12-31
Alfred.Jones Very good idea!! 2007-12-31