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This BAT is based off of an early 20th century Tudor Revival style apartment building in New York City's Washington Heights neighborhood. As Manhattan swelled in population in the late 19th century, high density brick apartments spread to the northern tip of Manhattan and continued to spread into the Bronx in the early 20th century. As such apartments began to house the middle and upper classes, developers and local architects sought to break up the monotonous pattern of brick rowhouses by cladding individual apartment buildings in varying styles. Tudor Revival, Romanesque Revivial, Art Deco, and Gothic Revival were just a few styles out of many employed to "dress up" the many new apartment buildings.

This BAT sits on a 2 x 2 medium-wealth lot. Since the stats were generated with the PIM-X, this BAT is CAMpatible but it does not require the CAM to function properly.

This BAT was previously available at the STEX. If you already have this BAT, you do not need to redownload it. Nevertheless, if you still want to download it, please remove any older versions first.

See the readme for stats and other details.


(1) MSZ_MODEL_Pinehurst_Apartments.dat -included


My thanks go to the BSC team for their constant support, advice, testing, and feedback as well as to everyone who offered advice and comments on this project in my SC4D BAT thread.


rummtata Rather exotic, but certainly beautiful. Makes for some eye candy, thanks! 2015-03-27
RJL2590NYC i just need to say that i love all of your buildings. you are truly gifted. 2012-06-22
Ioseph Very nice building thanks 2011-12-22
jgoic perfect for a tourism city.. thanks! 2011-04-06
sejr99999 thank you very interesting and classy building 2010-06-16
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
Fiddleio Marcszar, I love all your creations. They are so beautiful and they always work perfectly. Thanks a lot! Cheers! 2009-06-18
Lana 10/10 2008-06-02
SimNation Great little apartment for a nice little corner in my city 10/10 2008-04-12
Minpin987 Great work, your rendition looks great! 2008-01-03
sebes Many thanks for your great apartment buildings. 2008-01-01
MMorales2 Thank you and good job. Will u b making any more or the tudor revival style buildings? 2007-12-23
marcszar Thanks for the comments, all! hudu- Nope, it\'s on the corner of W183rd and Pinehurst. But there are plenty of these apartments in the Tudor Revival style, and it looks like you found another! ;) 2007-12-16
hudu Is this the building up the the Dyckman St. 1 station? 2007-12-14
Hydra Nice and clean. 2007-12-13
eljacko Hah, every time I leave the city via the west side, I always pass by this building. I was hoping someone would make something like it, thanks! 2007-12-13
tcx beautiful! 2007-12-12
oldrogue Thanks to you, my capitol city now is going to have some really neat houseing.....I appreciate all your effort and thanks alot. 2007-12-12