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Creator: Bobbo662 Upload Date: 2007-12-05
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 6358 Category: Commercial - Medium
Last Downloaded: 2020-07-08 Downloads: 5667


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In the installer there are two types of lots. Red Roof Inn 6x6 ploppable and a 6x6 growable both with CS$ jobs. Dependencies BSC Props - B62 Red Roof Inn.dat (included with the download) WalkingSnake Textures Vol 01.dat BSC Essentials.dat Make sure to read the README file for further information.


js303 Excellent, it will go well with the other motels and hotels. 2010-07-25
sejr99999 thank you a low wealth 6x6 lot is a good idea so something will occupy the space all the time also looks very good 2010-01-28
Uppps installer ignores path changings!! 2008-10-31
boboux Perfect. 2008-03-04
sebes Bobbo = good !! 2007-12-11
oyd beautiful... thanks.... 2007-12-07
ExplodingSims Wow, looks good! Now try the Red \"Rash\" Inn. 2007-12-06
SpartanB292 Very Good, Great to have ya back and batting, not gonna complain about what i dont care for here, cause its all stuff i\'ll change anyway in LE 2007-12-05
yoshiisland2 OMG this is so cool! Thanks! 2007-12-05
kimcar Awesome as always. Thanks a lot 2007-12-05
SimNation This is great..will go well with Sim Goobers motels and Inns. Thanks 2007-12-05
patfirefghtr wow this is sooooooo awesome to see this again and have the Red Roof Inn... Thank you Bobby!!!! 2007-12-05