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Signalman's House

The old signalman's house is a relic from long ago, without modern sensors and computer technology. Usually, such buildings were erected next to railroad crossings, at rail section borders and junctions. The signalman, who controlled the gates and signalled the passing of a train, should live right next to the railway line. Nowadays, the railway equipment is controlled by remote surveillance, so signalmen are no longer needed. Quite often, those houses were sold and renovated by the new owners as residential buildings, but in remote locations, they were abandoned and now deteriorate over the time. This set of signalman's houses and switchboxes mainly serves as eye-candy for a more realistic railway in SimCity. Every large stations needs a signalbox in order to control the switches and signals, so the trains don't get delayed.


A signalbox ensures the proper and safe operation of a railway line. It controls the switches and signals, and gives way to the trains that enter a certain section of the line. In former times, the switches and signals were controlled manually by tackles and rods. But today, modern technology found its way into the signalboxes, and computers replaced the electromechanical and relay controlled devices. The "Kerzers Signalbox" is a recreation of an existing building that was erected in 1901 in Kerzers, about 20 im west of Bern, the capital of Switzerland. It was a completely mechanical signalbox that worked with tackles. The building was shut down in 2004 and is now owned by a private club that keeps it up to preserve the cultural heritage. The "Signalbox East" was inspired by a model of a model railroad club in Berlin, Germany.

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- SFBT Essentials


nightshadow666 2014-06-20
tarmji THANKS 2011-11-05
Sherlockindo Great work! 2011-07-08
philistine ...Can\'t find the SFBT_Bahnwaerterhaus files. 2008-08-01
philistine These look great, But I am getting the ubiquitous brown boxes on the water tower even after installing the Essentials pack! 2008-08-01
Silur Excellent Work, Andreas !!! This was my sweet dream ... Thank You !!! 2007-12-06
High5Tower Wow,great addition here. I have already upgraded 6 cities with these beauties.Thank you. 2007-12-04
SimNation Great idea San Andreas... these will make my up coming frieght rail network look all the more realistic along with your power lines. 10/10 2007-12-04
jacqulina excellent thankyou 2007-12-04
jmyers2043 I downloaded these little gems this evening. Plopped them into my current game. Spun them around and had a look at them. They are very good. Thank You! 2007-12-03