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This set includes
some new and improved versions of the known Modern Concrete Diagonal Walls.
There are five versions included. Three modern looking and two with an older
greenish look, intended to be placed on land. The improvements are:
New looking textures. Some of them have a nice 3D
sensation ;-D.
Slope conforming fences . This time the fences wont
make those ugly stairs when ploped on the slopes.
They allow to plant Mayor mode trees on it. This way
you can customize the look for each different situation, giving you an almost
unlimited number of combinations.
There are three extra pieces to cover the NAM onslope
pieces, bridges and sunken highways ramps too . Now you can fully cover your
sunken highways / uderpasses and elevated overpasses.
A mod to minimize the weird jagged edges in some of
the diagonal terrain tiles is also developed. It will be released soon. It needs
different nes, , follow the instructions included in this readme file

What is revised in this version?:

The under bridge 2X and 3X and the under sunken highway ramps pieces
have been removed and changed by two new pieces: Underbridge 2X ( same functions
as before but easier to place) and underbridge 3X ( same functions as before
but easier to place, and also works for sunken highway ramps.). So each set
has been reduced in one lot with the same ( and probably better) flexibility.
Special thanks to Buddybud for sharing his models !!!

The under ramps (aka underbridge 3X) pieces for sunken highways have been tested
with Smoncries Hole Digger for Road (15m). In other
situations the pieces may show wrong.

Digging Lots

I also suggest you to use the Diagonal Edges Fix Mod if you
like to use those walls:

Jagged Edges Mod

I hope you enjoy the new features !!!

file actually needs the following Pack/s to work:

- VOL01

- VOL06

updated 04/2008: Changed / added Dependency links


cronop44 Thanks 2017-08-30
Disasterjunkie ohhh very nice thank you sirs 2014-07-07
vinlabsc3k There\'s a missing dependency BSC MEGA PROP PACK JERONIJ - VOL02 2014-04-01
zumwalah These are great, how ever i cant fin d the tutorial referenced in the readme. anyone how to mkae these look good for 90 Degree curves? 2013-11-03
pjc1965 good idea ! 2013-06-17
SimGuy24 I downloaded all of the dependencies, buy only the yellow striped fence is visible. 2012-03-24
asterixthebuilder Hi All, the link in the read me to the Concrete Modern Diagonal Walls Placement Tutorial on STEX is broken, would anyone know if it is posted elsewhere on the interwebs? 2012-01-14
tarmiji THANKS 2011-11-17
aquanova my game crashes too :O( 2011-05-26
mjj911 awesome 2010-09-15
roe99 nice work 2010-09-05
tigeria Vorlon : mine crashes after i added this plugin too. Mine crashes right after i plop them. I am thinking could it be that it conflicts some other plugins? 2010-06-03
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-27
Vorlon i can\'t use the \"Diagonal Jagged Edges Mod\" because it make the game crash.(after remove it from plugins the game work good) but the wall of jeronij, not working in the game. the link to some dependency, are not working, in sim tropolis. and i can\'t find then here too. any help? 2009-05-12
mafukw Thanks 2009-04-08
MooMooMan I love these walls! Great job 2007-07-25
duckie505 nice work =D 2007-07-24
SeVeR very well done-ty 2007-07-20
Ionwind Thanks Jeronij, your walls are simply great. It was your walls that inspired me to play SC4 again. Were there any dependencies? 2007-06-21