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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2007-11-16
Last Update: 2010-09-29 File Type: Textures
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This mod will give the roads a more European look by changing the yellow double-line into a single white dashed line, as it is common throughout Europe. We changed every road texture, such as straight and curved pieces, crossroads and intersections, bridges and tunnels etc., as well as the textures from all new Network Addon Mod additions (roundabouts, overpasses, puzzle pieces,...), the Street Addon Mod (SAM) and the Network Widening Mod (NWM).

Version: September 2010


  • Euro textures for the Maxis Roads
  • Euro textures for the Network Addon Mod
  • Euro textures for the alternative Wide Radius Curves and Fractional Angled Roads by Sithlrd98
  • Euro textures for the Street Addon Mod
  • Euro textures for the Network Widening Mod
  • Euro textures for various lots


This mod completely replaces the Euro Road Textures Mod by Thorvin and all previous versions by frimi, so please delete them first before installing this mod! You can use the included BSC Cleanitol file for this purpose.

For proper functionality of ths mod, the files must be loaded after the Network Addon Mod or the Street Addon Mod, so you have to place them in a folder that is located "below" the one (alphabetically-wise) where the Network Addon Mod/Street Addon Mod is installed!

This download comes with an EXE installer, a Mac version is available here:


euan_hogg ... but I never did get this to work without manually deleting NAM textures. Confirmed the install order made this the last item in plugins directory. Also, the installer never ever found NAM texture files. Tried with NAM 32 and 33 PR. 2015-10-08
feechia лл~~~ 2014-02-28
JohnnyBravo ok fixed the problem i deleted the nam road textures 2013-11-11
JohnnyBravo Diagonal roads follow this mod, but not north south east west. diagonal roads have the white dotted lines, and everything else is yellow? Please help i have tried cleanitol and reinstall but no success. 2013-11-11
TonyNobo Thanks 2012-10-24
TonyNobo Finally found this, thanks. 2012-10-06
pjc1965 Love it ! 2012-09-17
jabylee123 thanks very much 2012-07-03
llz1999 2012-06-08
RalfFerdius So, now European people can build some cities like close near them. 2012-04-30
tarmiji tarmiji 2011-12-01
Needevidence Nicely done. 2011-10-02
Lagaffe nice 2011-09-07
chingao_re Thanks yeii, is nice!! :D 2011-05-04
ortega Thanks, Obrigado, Gracias 2011-04-19
webseb The download link doesn\'t seem to work... :( 2011-03-20
theb13 Thanks you 2011-03-12
Inhopeless Amazing mod. 2011-01-25
WilliamKing I wait to the new version for a long days. Thanks to SFBT! 2010-10-22
Pro4eva Hey, I\'m very glad to see that there is something like that on sc4d, but I\'d like to know if the program that delets the arrows in one-way roads will work fine with this modification. Thanks for replies. 2010-10-02
brandbrand32 thank you very much 2010-09-26
Aldini10 Because the NWM is out, you should probably update these files. 2010-06-03
swashbuckler @Carny: Rural Highways are not in this pack. You must download ITC Euro TRM For the RHW 3.0 http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=21483 2010-05-22
Carny I don\'t know why, but my rural highways and my oneway roads don\'t get any kind of change :/ I followed all the istruction in the readme, even i re-installed the mod several times, tried almost everything, but i can get only euro textures on simple roads. Can someone help me, please? Thanks in advance. :) 2010-02-16
Carny I don\'t know why, but my rural highways and my oneway roads don\'t get any kind of change :/ I followed all the istruction in the readme, even i re-installed the mod several times, tried almost everything, but i can get only euro textures on simple roads. Can someone help me, please? Thanks in advance. :) 2010-02-15
page how do u get the dark highway?? and this is one of the best modds i no ty 2009-10-13
x00m It\'s awesome, however there seems to either be some texture bug with this addon or you forgot to paint all the NAM parts. I\'ll show you a screenshot of this problem: http://img253.imageshack.us/i/addonproblem.jpg/ 2009-08-25
razaja super :) thanks 2009-08-06
AbsolutoCaos thanks for this fine work! good to play with the kind of roads i deal every day!! arrrgh! good work (: 2009-07-13
darraghflah Is it time for a small update for the new NAM? 2009-07-01
froelicher123 I have a problem... i can\'t seem to find the other version so i can\'t delete it and cleanital won\'t work! Is it ok for me to have them both? 2009-06-22
bat56 Thank you for this new version Andreas! 2009-02-04
io_bg Thanks a lot for the new version!!! 2009-02-03
Mas71 Thank you for updated for the NAM-Jan,2009 !! 2009-02-02
darraghflah When will it be updated???? 2009-01-25
okas good mod for me, because i live in Indonesia, the mod give me Indonesia-look roads if drive on right possible. 2008-12-23
JamesDwho btw the Euro Road Textures mod works with mormal SC4. 2008-12-13
Lilojame Thank you soooo much for doing these!!! Great work! 2008-11-15
sunaihui very good!Thank you very much! 2008-09-03
heitomat This is excellent work! I\'ve been using this for a while now and it looks magnificent! 2008-07-23
iys04194 very good job! 2008-05-08
mr.fusion @Shadow Assassin and Andreas: Ok, many thanks for the answers, they cleared things for me. 2007-11-18
Andreas @mr.fusion: The four separate downloads are intended for Mac users, since they are ZIP files rather than the EXE installer in this download. Those four ZIPs contain the same files than this installer, so you don\'t need to download them all. The reason why the ZIPs have another timestamp is only because the installer wasn\'t quite ready at the 14th. ;-) 2007-11-17
ExiLe yay! it is here! thanks! 2007-11-16
Shadow Assassin mr.fusion: When we say \'original game\', we mean the game without the NAM, other plugins, just the same set of road textures as the default. 2007-11-16
Quesh Very great thanks for you job! 2007-11-16
mr.fusion Well, though there\'s an Installer now, it\'s still confusing: the NAM Euro Textures you updated on Nov14 didn\'t include the last four files (against the readme which said so). But here they are now, so does that mean that the update form Nov14 is outdated with this new download? And for the reason that they are still available on LEX, do I need \"NAM Euro Textures\", \"SC4 Euro Textures\" and \"Euro Crossings\" additionally? And what means: \"zzz2_Euro_Textures.dat - This file contains all Euro road textures from the original game.\" Were there Eurotextures in the original game? Are these replaced/outdated now? You can see, I really am confused right now, I\'d really appreciate it if someone brings light in... Thank You. 2007-11-16
SimNation I had one from someone from way back in 2005 that does this but since the NAM is always being updated and that person probably no longer updates his this will be a fine replacement. Thanks 2007-11-16
Tracker Been waiting for months on end! I made sure to download it immediately! 2007-11-16
Silur Thank You, Andreas ! Great work again !!! 2007-11-16
Mas71 I\'m waiting for them long time! Thank you Andreas san and NAM teams !! 2007-11-16
Serkanner Great! They are here making the game look that much better again. Thank you a lot for creating and sharing these great textures. 2007-11-16
bat yes, Thank you! 2007-11-16
capo Thanks Andreas! 2007-11-16