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Creator: SimGoober Upload Date: 2007-11-14
Last Update: Never File Type: Farming
Views: 7644 Category: CAM Agricultural
Last Downloaded: 2020-10-17 Downloads: 12216


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A special new lot from Simgoober. This is a large stage 4 cattle farm that will only grow with CAM.

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AsimPika3172 Old MacDonald have a farm... E I E I O!!! Moooooooaaaahhh! I likes this nice farms! 2018-11-03
rummtata I love milk. And I love these cattle farms =) 2015-03-27
OreoToast Hell yes! 2015-01-30
Disasterjunkie have to love the cattle 2014-07-08
Snagwell thankyou<br /> 2013-08-19
Triden Great! A cattle farm! Now my sims can eat meat! hahah! 2013-01-05
yumayo884 thank you very much 2012-09-02
dwelln8hss32 Oh, I can smell the money now! Thanks man! 2010-01-21
CityDog17 SimGoober does it again. Thanks and merci beacoup SG! 2010-01-09
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-10
simsmart Mooooooooo 2008-09-21
ironmaiden This is nice except that it needs CAM. The CAM installation process needs to be simplified. 2007-12-22
Cobras2 hehehe... I am from Alberta (Western Canada). To me no farming area looks right unless it has a) wheat, and grain elevators b) cows, lots of cows and c) canola. This just brings the game another step closer to reality for me... you rule Goober! :D 2007-12-15
FrankvU Yeah! Finally a Cattle farm that grows! Hopefully it will grow everywhere in my regions! Thans Simgoober. 2007-11-15
Serkanner A bash wouldn\'t be a bash without a Goober ... thank you very much! 2007-11-15
patfirefghtr Goober upload a new file and i see an oldrogue man, this day cant get any better woohoo!!! 2007-11-15
oldrogue I spend 90% of my game time building farming areas.. thank you so very very much for this gift to the community. 2007-11-14
HamsterTK BTW, if you don\'t have CAM you could always use the xtra cheats dll to plop it, that\'s what I do for CAM lots as I don\'t use the modd anyways awesome, don\'t leave us again! :P 2007-11-14
Tracker Goober\'s back!? Oh my! Good work! 2007-11-14
jacqulina wonderfull work thankyou 2007-11-14
DFire870 Gah, this is perfect except it\'s only for the CAM. :/ 2007-11-14
blackbeard It\'s good day when a Goober masterpiece hits LEX.Thanx 2007-11-14
metasmurf Looks good. Is it slope-conforming? 2007-11-14