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To celebrate SimCity4 Devotion's first anniversary, I've made a NYC-themed rowhouse set for you to include in your downtowns! Now you can recreate the Bronx, Manhattan's Washington Heights, or realistic urban neighborhoods from any other northeastern American city.

A total of ten growable lots are included in this set. Eight of the lots are 1 x 2 rowhouses, including one abandoned rowhouse! Two of the lots are 2 x 2 corner rowhouses with stores on ground level. These rowhouses are fully CAMpatible as their stats have been generated with the X-Tool, but the CAM is not required for them to grow.

Such rowhouses were built throughout New York City and other large northeastern American cities in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. You'll notice many small gaps between the rowhouses- these were barely legal air shafts designed by the rowhouse developers so that they could fit as many tenants as possible into a building that used up as much of the lot as possible without drawing the attention of New York's Council of Hygiene and Public Health.

Up until the 1950s, these rowhouses were home to a variety of tenants- blue collar workers, immigrants, the newly-emerging white collar office class, and a myriad of minority populations as well. However, with racial tensions and white flight, deindustrialization, and suburbanization fueled by the new Interstate Highway System, the city lost roughly a million residents from the 1960s to the 1980s before rebounding in the early 1990s. As the upper classes were moving out, blacks from the South and other minorities moved in. Even with the influx of minorities, population density in rowhouse neighborhoods fell sharply and much of New York City's housing stock began deteriorating rapidly.

By the 1980s, riots, looting, arson, and widespread abandonment were responsible for the destruction of many of these tenements, and some parts of the city (Bronx in particular) were filled with vacant, burned-out shells and empty lots reminiscent of WWII ruins in Europe. Many residents were convinced New York City was in a permanent decline, but beginning in the early 1990s, a resurgent economy, new policing tactics, and a new city government led New York City into a renaissance. Many rowhouses have been repaired and rents have soared as the city's rising population demands more and more housing.

See the readme for stats and other details.


(1) MSZ_MODELS_NYC_Rowhouse_Set.dat - For the building models (included)


My thanks go to the BSC team for their constant support, advice, testing, and feedback as well as to everyone who offered advice and comments on this project in my SC4D BAT thread.


iLoveMusic Early 90s was a recession and still in the midst of the crack epidemic. These areas did not "recover" until 1995-1999, that's when the economic boom happened. Plus all of the poor or even middle-income people have been priced out by gentrification, so I wouldn't be so "positive" about it. Spike Lee commented on this as well. 2015-11-04
rummtata Perfect, thanks =) 2015-04-02
Disasterjunkie Love it, this is amazing, even 4 years later 2014-07-08
konstanty Thank You so much! Love it! 2014-01-11
john4city Thanks 2013-07-26
JoustiusMaximus its a new york history lesson and a downloadable file lol! 2013-01-06
Jimmy Buzaid Love it, this is amazing, even 4 years later 2012-05-28
SC4PC Wow nice work dude but could you upload ploppable versions too please??? 2011-12-23
19980502zhang Thanks you very much 2011-07-17
Szeppi112 When your wonderful designs appear as Plopplable versions? Regards 2011-04-18
sejr99999 thank you great buildings 2011-03-24
Pie1973 *speachless* 2010-06-07
kman915 dont forget the Major traffic of drugs witch started the ghetto in the 80\'s. thats the main reason the ghetto is the ghetto. 2009-10-03
Dirty-d Not only do I live in NYC, but now I have NYC in my Computer too! Thank you for this great set of rowhouses! 2009-03-10
Chlev Love It! Love It! Love It!!! 2008-08-08
donaldcote love it i would like more w2ws from you too! 2008-08-05
kevin.waid Thank you so much! The detail is amazing!!! 2008-04-19
SimNation Cant believe I never posted...All your apartment bats are fantastic. 10/10 and you should win some batting award. 2008-04-12
boboux Very Nice work. 2008-03-07
bkballa4790 Nice to see more custom content from my hometown! Thanx! 2007-11-27
Plutarque Magnifique ! 2007-11-21
debussyman This is an awesome set with lots of feeling in it. Indispensable for anyone trying to recreate NY. 2007-11-20
kwakelaar You have done quite an exceptional job on these NYC homes. 2007-11-20
Lifelookingforstyle incredible! now i can recreate my neighborhood! 2007-11-16
stephenhh Ahhh the kind of NYC houses I like, and great bats, thanks :) 2007-11-16
hogs29 These \"unpretty\" buildings are too few and far between. Thanks! 2007-11-15
simcity4mayor You really are one hell of a bat maker. Excuse my french. 10/10. 2007-11-15
Amapper I love New York City and have friends there. I love walking down the little business streets and looking into all the small shops. 2007-11-15
Silur Excellent houses, Thank You ... 2007-11-14
oldrogue simply stupendous....thank you so very much. 2007-11-14
SimNation thanks for the nyc styled rowhomes man..these look great..deffinetaly gonna try to get these to grow in my areas with my elevated rail. 2007-11-14
gfv1974 Awesome! I\'m always looking for more rowhouses to add variety to my cities. Thanks heaps!! 2007-11-14
djhigbee Absolutely fantastic. Great work! 2007-11-14
The Big Z *passes out* I\'ve been waiting for something like this for a loooong time! You\'re the best! 2007-11-14
asciiha Very nice!! Thanks alot... 2007-11-14
yoshiisland2 Excellent way to showcase your marvelous BATs! I loved the part with the train going in between them, it looked sooo urban!!! 2007-11-14
delldimensions Excellent stuff :) 2007-11-14
skyjuice this is one of the best ive seen. big up Marcszar. Been awhile. thanks alot 2007-11-14
skyjuice this is one of the best ive seen. big up Marcszar. Been awhile. thanks alot 2007-11-14
simlove nice and realistic thanks for sharing 2007-11-14
sebes Wonderfull houses!!! Thanks for sharing 2007-11-14