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Creator: jestarr Upload Date: 2007-11-12
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Founded in 1902, the Ossowo beet sugar plant operated until 1924, when it was purchased by the Michigan Sugar Company. At this time, the plant was basicly closed, and only used for storage until the beets could be transferred to a plant in Saginaw. Although the plant still exists, it's scheduled to be demolished and the land redeveloped. There are five lots included; a 12x6 regular I-d2 growable, a 12x6 CAMified ID$$5 growable, a 12x6 ploppable, a 12x7 ploppable and a 12x7 ploppable freight station. The 12x6 ploppable is TE'd for freight truck and the last two are TE'd for freight rail and truck. The rail TE'd lots only allow freight traffic through, so should be placed on a spur off the main line, so as not to max out your capacity. These lots are BTE enabled and will contribute to industrial reward chains.


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pixelrage Just a note....ncd_Railyard Texture Mega-Pack Vol01 no longer exists 2015-05-07
Wheezy As desperately as I need most of your lots, the dependency lists are far too long. Fantastic lots, though. 2008-12-18
patfirefghtr ty 2007-12-29
kwakelaar This is a great looking factory, will join the others in my plugins. 2007-11-20
Hydra Bit late posting this thanks Jestarr . 2007-11-19
canuck3360 absoulutly great I\'ve seen this one in real life. Thanks for creating another one of Michigan\'s Landmarks 2007-11-15
sebes And another Jestarr jewell makes this birthday bash the best ever! 2007-11-13
jacqulina wonderfull work thanks 2007-11-13
Serkanner I love them filthy industries. 2007-11-13